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Author(s): Carvalho, H.
Serra, A.
Dias, L.
Serrão, C.
Dias, M.
Editor: Lacoste, H., and Ouwehand, L.
Date: 1-Jan-2007
Title: Envisat products secure browsing in mobile clients using JPEG2000 interactivity protocol
Book title/volume: Proceedings of the Envisat Symposium 2007
Event title: Envisat Symposium 2007
Reference: Carvalho, H., Serra, A., Dias, L., Serrão, C., & Dias, M. (2007). Envisat products secure browsing in mobile clients using JPEG2000 interactivity protocol. In H. Lacoste, & L. Ouwehand (Eds.), Proceedings of the Envisat Symposium 2007, SP-636. European Space Agency.
ISSN: 1609-042X
ISBN: 92-9291-200-1
Abstract: Taking advantage of the mobile platforms to interact with the HICOD2000 system has been the motivation for the work described in this paper. Regardless of the limited resources available in mobile platforms the authors demonstrate that using the features of the HICOD2000 system the mobile device might be of major assistance in the field where satellite imagery may have an important and useful role. This paper describes an extension of the HICOD2000 system, available to the public through the ESA Service Support Environment. The EO JPEG2000 compressed products have achieved good compression ratios, minimizing both storage space and bandwidth. Regarding security to sensitive data the system enforces user access rights via a digital rights management platform called OpenSDRM. The mobile device has been endowed with the implementation of the JPIP protocol to optimize network bandwidth as well as the necessary components to interface with the OpenSDRM platform and decode JPSEC protected images: the OpenSDRM wallet and the protection tool.
Peerreviewed: yes
Access type: Open Access
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