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Author(s): Marat-Mendes, T.
Editor: Giuseppe Strappa, Anna Rita Donatella Amato Antonio Camporeale
Date: 2015
Title: Portuguese-language network of urban morphology urban morphology in Portugal: Searching for an identity
Volume: 2
ISBN: 9788894118810
Keywords: Identity
Urban morphology
Abstract: The foundation, the development and the goals of the Portuguese-language Network on Urban Morphology, PNUM, a Local Network of ISUF, are here presented. Moreover, analyses of the several drivers that have guaranteed the consolidation of a Portuguese Local Network of ISUF are here introduced. Complementary, based on research conducted by Teresa Marat-Mendes and Maria Amélia Cabrita about the foundations of Urban Morphology in Portugal; this paper argues that the heterogenic cultural background that seems to characterize PNUM is not entirely novel; as it seems to reproduce a Portuguese characteristic or Identity that is strongly built over the ability to build connections and integrations between Portuguese individualities with international bodies, institutes and universities, over time. Moreover, such connections and integrations seem to have contributed to deliver the most innovative knowledge regarding the study of urban form in Portugal. Therefore, it is imperative to PNUM to assure within ISUF the continuity of such connections and integrations and establish new connections between ISUF members and local networks. Furthermore, it is hope that such interest can contaminate ISUF itself, and promote the opening of new bridges among ISUF members and local networks, but also to reopen former ones, so that a truthfully collective project with interest to the study of urban form can grow and contribute to fully acknowledge the Identity of ISUF itself.
Peerreviewed: yes
Access type: Open Access
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