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Title: Using ODRL to express rights for different content usage scenarios
Other Titles: NAVSHP (FP6) DRM Requirements Report
Authors: Serrão, Carlos
Dias, Miguel
Delgado, Jaime
Keywords: ODRL
Issue Date: 7-Jul-2005
Publisher: ODRL 2005
Abstract: The expression of rights over generic content is one of the most important functions in any DRM system [1][2]. It is impossible to conceive such a system without the possibility to define how and under which conditions content can be used by the end-user and any other user in the content lifecycle chain. ODRL [14] represents an opportunity to have rights expression richness, flexibility and at the same time openness. This paper addresses those characteristics in the ODRL language by providing examples on how ODRL is currently being used in several content usage scenarios, such as music download and streaming, video-surveillance data streaming and storage and remote sensing of JPEG2000 images. This paper also makes a short reference to the OpenSDRM architecture [3][4], an open DRM system that uses ODRL as its rights expression language, providing an interoperable rights enforcing layer. This layer acts as middleware to enforce the expressed rights over the content, through the provision of the digital Wallet concept [3]. The module which implements this concept is capable of accessing the rights locally or over the network, interpret and enforce them to the requesting content applications.
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