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Author(s): Henriques, T.
O'Neill, H.
Editor: Mesquita, A., Moreira, F., Soares, L., and Viamonte, M. J.
Date: 2020
Title: Action, design & research: A process meta-model
Pages: 20
Event title: 20ª Conferência da Associação Portuguesa de Sistemas de Informação (CAPSI 2020)
ISSN: 2183-489x
Keywords: Organizational research
Action design research
Action research
Design science research
Process model
Abstract: Conducting Action and Design Research within organizations - with the objective of solving multidimensional problems, promoting effective change, developing useful artifacts, and generating actionable knowledge - involves the iterative application of a rigorous set of integrated processes. In a previous publication - based on empirical work, on a comprehensive literature review, and the practice of applying it to teach graduate students on qualitative research methods - a high-level conceptual model for Action & Design Research has been developed and published. It has identified - through the presentation of a tri-dimensional perspective, under the form of a cube - the essential processes and data components, emerging from the Organization Development, Engineering, and Science perspectives. Based on that high-level conceptual view, the objective of the current article is to detail a pragmatic approach to the main activities which are involved in the Action and Design Science Research approaches - under the form of high-level Process Meta-Models.
Peerreviewed: yes
Access type: Open Access
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