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Title: Exploring the cultural, managerial and organizational implications on mergers and acquisitions outcomes
Authors: Lopes da Costa, R.
Miguel, J.
Dias, Á.
Pereira, L.
Santos, J. P.
Keywords: Mergers and acquisitions
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GMBH
Abstract: Background/Purpose: This work is focused on the variables that influence the outcomes of mergers and acquisitions, by learning from past mistakes, adopt better strategies and make wiser decisions to enhance the outcomes of their mergers and acquisitions. Using a qualitative approach, this research contributes to existing knowledge on mergers and acquisitions performance by exploring the cultural, managerial and organizational factors dimensions through an integrative approach using multiple perspectives. Methodology: Fifteen interviews were conducted with experienced professionals in multiple areas of mergers and acquisitions. Content analysis was used to interpret the results. This enabled to achieve a more complete set of answers and potential solutions while comparing opinions on the same problems from slightly different angles. Results: Results show the existence of managerial hubris, emotional attachment and over-optimism in mergers and acquisitions. There was a relative support towards standardizing the process of mergers and acquisitions deals, but respondents advise to keep some creativity and flexibility. Conclusion: The article concludes by addressing key issues for mergers and acquisitions performance: capabilities and experience; organizational communication; internal coordination; and, key issues for decision-making.
Peer reviewed: yes
DOI: 10.2478/orga-2021-0002
ISSN: 1318-5454
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