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Title: Gamification to teach and assess financial education: a case study of self-directed bank investors
Authors: Rodrigues, L. F.
Oliveira, A.
Costa, C. J.
Rodrigues, H.
Editors: Andrew Burge
Keywords: Gamification
Financial education
Quiz game
Self-directed adult investors
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Financial education has become a popular research topic, due the growth of marketing financial services, and the wide range and complexity of investment products available online. To assess the investment risk, and decide what product is suitable for individuals, it becomes essential to use tools to improve financial education. An educational game may be a possible solution since is a serious game designed to teach adults about a specific subject and to teach them a skill. Games-based learning software are interactive play that helps to solve problems, teaches, and gives the fundamental needs of learning by providing – enjoyment and motivation. This study investigates the financial education of self-directed investors in complex financial products, and portfolio management to answer our research question – how well adult self-directed investors understand financial education about complex financial products and portfolio management – and evaluates the financial education level of self-directed bank investors in complex financial products with high risk. An online quiz game with multiple-choice questions was developed, and deployed on a bank website to assess knowledge across investment product literacy - in addition to sociodemographic characteristics – involving the participation of 1,597 self-directed adult investors. The survey also enabled a comparison between the core and advanced skills of financial education knowledge. To measure and assess the financial education, we calculate the individual score by the amount of correct answers from the three multiple answer quiz questions. The results highlight that participants have a satisfactory overall financial literacy level. While core competencies, knowledge among private investors have a higher degree of general financial education, there are particular areas in which they scored low in advanced skills (i.e., complex financial product questions). This result provides valuable insights, information for further investigation of distance education research through games, which can only continue to grow because of the increasing complexity and importance of financial education in modern societies. This study contributes to an understanding of adults’ knowledge regarding investments in complex financial products, as well as providing a valuable contribution to ongoing financial education research.
Peer reviewed: yes
ISSN: 1541-5880
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