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Esta colecção reúne comunicações a conferências internacionais da autoria de membros do DCTI.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2023A measure data catalog for dashboard management and validationOliveira, B.; Henriques, A.; Oliveira, Ó.; Duarte, A.; Santos, V.; Antunes, A.; Cardoso, E.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2022Development of Plan S monitoring and compliance tool in the context of PTCRIS for Portuguese National Science FoundationMoreira, J. M.; Pardelha, F.; Laranjeira, C.; Pereira, F.; Novais, J.; Lopes, P.; Antunes, A.; Cardoso, E.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2013ERP systems in the hospitality industry: Value creation and critical success factorsAzevedo, P. S.; Azevedo, C.; Romão, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2013Kelpie: A ROS-based multi-robot simulator for water surface and aerial vehiclesMendonça, R.; Santana, P.; Marques, F.; Lourenço, A.; Silva, J.; Barata, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2013Online self-reconfigurable robot navigation in heterogeneous environmentsMarques, F.; Santana, P.; Guedes, M.; Pinto, E.; Lourenço, A.; Barata, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015Medição de usabilidade e eficiência de dashboards: Framework desenvolvida usando os princípios de desenho de business intelligence e interação homem-máquinaOliveira, M.; Cardoso, E.; Santana, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021“How Was the Match?”: Semantic similarity between electronic media commentary and work domain analysis key phrasesSilva, G.; Ribeiro, R.; Lopes, R. J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021Transformer-based language models for semantic search and mobile applications retrievalCoelho, J.; Neto, A.; Tavares, M.; Coutinho, C.; Oliveira, J.; Ribeiro, R.; Batista, F.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021From implicit preferences to ratings: Video games recommendation based on collaborative filteringBunga, R.; Batista, F.; Ribeiro, R.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021Sentiment analysis of Portuguese economic newsTavares, C.; Ribeiro, R.; Batista, F.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021Semantic search of mobile applications using word embeddingsCoelho, J.; Neto, A.; Tavares, M.; Coutinho, C.; Ribeiro, R.; Batista, F.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021Multilingual simultaneous sentence end and punctuation predictionRei, R.; Batista, F.; Guerreiro, N. M.; Coheur, L.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2016Learning scorecard: Monitor and foster student learning through gamificationCardoso, E.; Santos, D.; Costa, D.; Caçador, F.; Antunes, A.; Ramos, R.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2016Arquitectura popular: Totalidade e ordem implícitaGuerreiro, M. R.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014Positron plasma wakefield acceleration in a self-driven hollow channelAmorim, L. D.; Vieira, J.; Fonseca, R. A.; Silva, L. O.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014Modeling of laser wakefield acceleration in Lorentz boosted frame using a Quasi-3D OSIRIS algorithmYu, P.; Davidson, A.; Xu, X.; Tableman, A.; Decyk, V. K.; Tsung, F. S.; Vieira, J.; Fonseca, R. A.; Lu, W.; Silva, L. O.; Mori, W. B.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014QED vs. classical radiation reaction in the transition regimeVranic, M.; Grismayer, T.; Martins, J. L.; Fonseca, R. A.; Silva, L. O.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2016SPA: Web-based platform for easy access to speech processing modulesBatista, F.; Curto, P.; Trancoso, I.; Abad, A.; Ferreira, J.; Ribeiro, E.; Moniz, H.; Matos, D. M. de.; Ribeiro, R.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014AWAKE: A proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration experiment at CERNBracco, C; Amorim, L. D.; Assmann, R.; Batsch, F.; Bingham, R.; Burt, G.; Buttenschön, B.; Butterworth, A.; Caldwell, A.; Chattopadhyay, S.; Cipiccia, S.; Deacon, L. C.; Doebert, S.; Dorda, U.; Feldbaumer, E.; Fonseca, R. A.; Fedossev, V.; Goddard, B.; Grebenyuk, J.; Grulke, O.; Gschwendtner, E.; Hansen, J.; Hessler, C.; Hofle, W.; Holloway, J.; Jaroszynski, D.; Jenkins, M.; Jensen, L.; Jolly, S.; Jones, R.; Kasim, M. F.; Lopes, N.; Lotov, K.; Mandry, S. R.; Martyanov, M.; Meddahi, M.; Mete, O.; Minakov, V.; Moody, J.; Muggli, P.; Najmudin, Z.; Norreys, P. A.; Öz, E.; Pardons, A.; Petrenko, A.; Pukhov, A.; Rieger, K.; Reimann, O.; Seryi, A. A.; Shaposhnikova, E.; Sherwood, P.; Silva, L. O.; Sosedkin, A.; Tarkeshian, R.; Trines, R. M. G. M.; Velotti, F. M.; Vieira, J.; Vincke, H.; Welsch, C.; Wing, M.; Xia, G.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2016Improving Twitter gender classification using multiple classifiersVicente, M.; Batista, F.; Carvalho, J. P.Conference ObjectOpen Access
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 89