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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2016Research in hospitality management and accounting: a research synthesis and analysis of current literature and future challenges10071/12862Paiva, I. S.; Reis, P.; Lourenço, I. C.articleopenAccess
2011A research in sustainable competitive positional advantage of english dailies in Tamilnadu (India)10071/8640Selvarasu, A.; Filipe, J. A.; Kathiravan, C.; Ferreira, Manuel Alberto M.; Pedro, M. I.articleopenAccess
2014Research management in Portugal: a quest for professional identity10071/9708Trindade, M.; Agostinho, M.articleembargoedAccess
2015Research methods and methodology towards knowledge creation in accounting10071/10271Lopes, I. T.articleopenAccess
2020Research note: residential distance and recreational visits to coastal and inland blue spaces in eighteen countries10071/21588Elliott, L. R.; White, M. P.; Grellier, J.; Garrett, J. K.; Cirach, M.; Wheeler, B. W.; Bratman, G. N.; Van Den Bosch, M. A.; Ojala, A.; Roiko, A.; Lima, M. L.; O'Connor, A.; Gascon, M.; Nieuwenhuijsen, M.; Fleming, L. E.articleopenAccess
2020Research on the social acceptance of renewable energy technologies: past, present and future10071/20628Batel, S.articleopenAccess
2018Research trends on Big Data in Marketing: a text mining and topic modeling based literature analysis10071/15399Amado, A.; Cortez, P.; Rita, P.; Moro, S.articleopenAccess
2017The research-teaching nexus from the Portuguese academics’ perspective: a qualitative case study in a school of social sciences and humanities10071/14671Farcas, D.; Bernardes, S. F.; Matos, M.articleopenAccess
2020Researching global citizenship education: towards a critical approach10071/21603Schippling, A.articleopenAccess
2018Researching international schools: challenges for comparative educational research10071/16778Schippling, A.articleopenAccess
2017Reservado o direito de admissão: discursos antitráfico, controlo das migrações e assistência a mulheres10071/15103Clemente, M.articleopenAccess
Nov-2012Reserves Represented by Random Walks10071/5583Filipe, José António; Ferreira, Manuel Alberto M.; Andrade, MarinaarticleopenAccess
2014Residential trajectories in Lisbon Metropolitan area: an exploratory approach10071/7999Pereira, S. M.; Bringé, A.; Ferreira, A.articleopenAccess
2016Residential trajectories in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area: social profiles, mobility and tenure status10071/12363Pinto, T. C.; Ferreira, A. C.; Guerra, I.articleembargoedAccess
2012Residents on illegally built urban areas in Lisbon metropolitan area municipalities10071/13252Sá, T.; Mendes, M. M.articleembargoedAccess
Jun-2018Residência artística no JAMAC e reflexões sobre autoria10071/16654Eloy Teixeira Albuquerque, FellipearticleopenAccess
Oct-1988Residência e sucessão na família camponesa do Baixo Minho10071/1026Wall, KarinarticleopenAccess
2015Resilience processes in migrants: biographical narratives of Brazilians in Portugal10071/10570Roberto, S.; Moleiro, C.articleopenAccess
Dec-2018Resilience, crisis and innovation dynamics10071/16993Sampaio, F.articleopenAccess
2017Resilience: moving from a 'heroic' notion to a sociological concept10071/14878Estêvão, P.; Calado, A.; Capucha, LuísarticleopenAccess