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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
5-Dec-2019Xers vs. Millennials: Um olhar geracional sobre responsabilidade social das organizações, atratividade organizacional e intenção de candidatura a uma oferta de empregoSantos, António Luís CâmaraMaster ThesisOpen Access
May-1987XI Congresso Mundial de Sociologia, Nova Deli (Índia), Agosto, 1986Ferreira, Vítor MatiasArticleOpen Access
12-Jan-2020Xi Jinping: the values and beliefs of a political leaderGonçalves, Linda Inês RodriguesMaster ThesisOpen Access
2015Xprolog: desenvolvimento de uma folha de cálculo dedutivaAlmeida, Carlos Diogo deMaster ThesisOpen Access
24-Sep-2021O XUM and the power of the community: crowdfunding as a marketing tool in e-businessPoser, ElsieMaster ThesisOpen Access
28-Nov-2022A XVII Exposição Europeia de Arte, Ciência e Cultura, Lisboa, 1983: “Reapreciar Descobrimentos com olhos postos no futuro”Rocha, Rafaela Santa Marta daMaster ThesisOpen Access
16-Feb-2011Yam as a narrative element in Achebe’s rural novelsGarcía, PaulaConference ObjectOpen Access
22-Dec-2022"Yes, I forgive you, but…": Exploring the individual’s willingness to forgive a human brand when a transgression occursJosé, Bárbara Sofia LucasMaster ThesisOpen Access
10-Jan-2018Yes, ICANN!: o ecossistema da internet entidades, atores e processo multistakeholder de governação: perceções e envolvimento da sociedade civilPereira, Manuel Paulo Athias da SilvaDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
1992Yield risk in wheat production: A policy study for the Alentejo of PortugalTrindade, G. M. S.; Dahlgran, R. A.; Monke, E.; Fox, R.ArticleOpen Access
12-Dec-2019O yoga em Portugal: Do surgimento à atualidadeSilva, Hugo Filipe Pereira Rosa daMaster ThesisOpen Access
2017Yoga poses increase subjective energy and state self-esteem in comparison to 'power poses'de Zavala, A. G.; Lantos, D.; Bowden, D.ArticleOpen Access
2020YOLO — Your own living objectAlves-Oliveira, P.; Arriaga, P.; Paiva, A.; Hoffman,G.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023YOLOX-Ray: An efficient attention-based single-staged object detector tailored for industrial inspectionsRaimundo, A.; Pavia, J. P.; Sebastião, P.; Postolache, O.ArticleOpen Access
2023You are doing it wrong: On vulnerabilities in low code development platformsLourenço, M.; Gasiba, T. E.; Pinto-Albuquerque, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021“You Cannot Get into My Taxi!” Perceptions of a COVID-19-based rejection episode reported in the newspapersVacchini, S.; Fasoli, F.; Volpato, C.ArticleOpen Access
Dec-2002«You Europeans, you are just like Fish!». Some sceptical reflections on Modernity and Democratisation in AfricaYoung, TomArticleOpen Access
2015“You have to talk to those who were there (Utøya)…”: promoting children’s participation: a case of expert meetings and groups within the ombudsman in NorwayMusinguzi, PolycarpMaster ThesisOpen Access
6-Dec-2022"You shouldn't wish to be a courier:" Experiences of workers in the platformised goods distribution activity in PortugalAmorim, Joana Iglésias Calado CarvalhalMaster ThesisOpen Access
2011Young adults of the Great Recession: individual and historical times, present and future biographiesNico, MagdaWorking PaperOpen Access