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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2023Habitação de interesse social na produção do habitat rural em territórios de reforma agrária no oeste do estado de São Paulo, BrasilStive Castañeda Rodriguez, Angel; Ino, AkemiArticleOpen Access
29-Nov-2023Halal na comunidade muçulmana Odivelense: A importância sociocultural da alimentaçãoAlves, Pedro da SilvaMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2017Having friends with gay friends? The role of extended contact, empathy and threat on assertive bystanders behavioral intentionsAntónio, R.; Guerra, R.; Moleiro, C.ArticleOpen Access
2023Health literacy among older adults in Portugal and associated sociodemographic, health and healthcare-related factorsCosta, A. S.; Feteira-Santos, R.; Alarcão, V.; Henriques, H.; Madeira, T.; Virgolino, A.; Arriaga, M.; Nogueira, P. J.ArticleOpen Access
2022Heteronormative beliefs and internalized homonegativity in the coming out process of Portuguese and Turkish sexual minority menTorres, C. A.; Rodrigues, D. L.ArticleOpen Access
2023Histórias de despejo e resistência: Ser idoso no centro de LisboaPavel, Fabiana; Estevens, AnaArticleOpen Access
2023Home birth in Portugal—A comprehensive analysis based on official statistical dataPintassilgo, S.; Santos, M.; Trindade, I.; Neves, D. M.ArticleOpen Access
29-Nov-2023Home by choice? A qualitative analysis of the experiences and decisions of being a stay-at-home mother in NigeriaAkinsanya, Lola MobolajiMaster ThesisOpen Access
2019Home mobility hazards detected via object recognition in augmented realityEloy, S.; Dias, L.; Ourique, L.; Dias, M. S.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015Homens gays com deficiência congénita e/ou adquirida, física e/ou sensorial: duplo-fardo socialSousa, M.; Moleiro, C.ArticleOpen Access
28-Jun-2023Hope in social work and social work intervention with roma children: A case studyAodhorah, YeshnaMaster ThesisOpen Access
2023Household indebtedness in the European Union countries: Going beyond the mainstream interpretationBarradas, R.; Tomás, I.ArticleOpen Access
2024How can we help? A training needs assessment for non-health professionals and volunteers working with asylum seekers and refugeesTeixeira-Santos, L.; Bobrowicz-Campos, E.; Abreu, W.ArticleOpen Access
2023How did the COVID-19 pandemic and digital divide impact Ciganos/Roma school pathways?Mourão, S.; Pinheiro, S.; Maria M. M.; Caetano, P.; Magano, O.ArticleOpen Access
2023How different types of environmentalists are perceived: Changing perceptions by the perceiverKibele, K.; Rosa, M.; Obaidi, M.ArticleOpen Access
2022How fair is economic inequality? Belief in a just world and the legitimation of economic disparities in 27 European countriesGarcía-Sánchez, E.; Correia, I.; Pereira, C.; Willis, G. B.; Rodríguez-Bailón, R.; Vala, J.ArticleOpen Access
2021How has the literature contributed to creating effective risk management policies in nonprofit organisations?Santos, M. R. C.; Laureano, R. M. S.ArticleOpen Access
2023How have Europe’s outermost regions dealt with the economic and social consequences of the COVID‐19 crisis? Effects, policies and recommendationsBourdin, S.; Cottereau, V.; Hermet, F.; Jean‐Pierre, P.; Medeiros, E.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2020How non-designers understand the architecture design project: a comparative study using immersive virtual realitySerpa, F.; Eloy, S.ArticleOpen Access
23-Feb-2023How projects’ impacts can maximise social value: A case study perspectiveMouquinho, Nuno Jorge FeiteiraMaster ThesisOpen Access