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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2021Agricultura urbana: modelos de desenho urbano para um planeamento sustentávelMarat-Mendes, T.; Lopes, S. S.; Borges, J.C.Book ChapterOpen Access
2015Beyond information seeking: consumers’ online deliberation about the risks and benefits of red meatRutsaert, P.; Barnett, J.; Gaspar, R.; Marcu, A.; Pieniak, Z.; Seibt, C.; Lima, M. L.; Flecther, D.; Verbeke, W.ArticleOpen Access
2016Combining top-down and bottom-up gardens in Lisbon as an improved planning strategySousa, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020Designing for productive urban landscapes. Applying the CPUL concept in Lisbon Metropolitan AreaMarat-Mendes, T.; Lopes, S. S.; Borges, J. C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Distinguishing mild cognitive impairment from healthy aging and alzheimer’s disease: the contribution of the INECO Frontal Screening (IFS)Moreira, H. S.; Costa, A. S.; Machado, Á; Castro, S. L.; Lima, C. F.; Vicente, S. G.ArticleOpen Access
2022Enabling sustainable food transitions in schools: A systemic approachGraça, J.; Roque, L.; Guedes, D.; Campos, L.; Truninger, M.; Godinho, C.; Vinnari, M.ArticleOpen Access
2019Explaining illness with evil: pathogen prevalence fosters moral vitalismBastian, B.; Vauclair, C.- M.; Loughnan, S.; Bain, P.; Ashokkumar, A.; Becker, M.; Bilewicz, M.; Collier-Baker, E.; Crespo, C.; Eastwickm, P. E.; Fischer, R.; Friese, M.; Gómez, A.; Valeschka, M. Guerra; Guevara, J. L. C.; Hanke, K.; Hooper, N.; Huang, L.-L.; Junqi, S.; Karasawa, M.; Kuppens, P.; Leknes, S.; Peker, M.; Pelay, C.; Pina, A.; Sachkova, M.; Saguy, T.; Silfver-Kuhalam, M.pi; Sortheix, F.; Tong, J.; Yeung, V. W. - L.; Duffy, J.; Swann, W.ArticleOpen Access
2015Finding sensory profilers amongst red wine composition: a novel nationwide approachJosé-Simões Coutinho, A.; Ávila, P.; Ricardo-da-Silva, J. M.ArticleOpen Access
2018Formas urbanas contemporâneas: o caso das hortas urbanas nos municípios de Cascais e LisboaMélice, A.; Marat-Mendes, T.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018Formas urbanas contemporâneas: O caso das hortas urbanas nos municípios de Cascais e LisboaMélice, A.; Marat-Mendes, T.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021Hybrid conceptual model for assessing quality, production and satisfaction (SQual4Agri), in Agricultural Production Units, in Cape VerdeSimões, E.; Saraiva, M.; Basch, G.; Pires, A. R.; Rosa, A.; Chaleta, E.ArticleOpen Access
2022The influence of consumer ethnocentrism on purchase of domestic fruit and vegetables in Portugal: Application of the extended theory of planned behaviourMiguel, L.; Marques, S.; Duarte, A. P.ArticleOpen Access
2019Mapping sustainability transitions in contemporary cultureMarat-Mendes, T.; Borges, J. C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021Planear o sistema alimentar a várias escalas: exemplos da Área Metropolitana de LisboaMarat-Mendes, T.; Lopes, R.; Borges, J. C.; Lopes, S. S.; Pereira, M.Book ChapterOpen Access
2022Plant-based school meals as levers of sustainable food transitions: A narrative review and conceptual frameworkRoque, L.; Graça, J.; Truninger, M.; Guedes, D.; Campos, L.; Vinnari, M.; Godinho, C.ArticleOpen Access
2021A presença de hortas na cidade de LisboaMarat-Mendes, T.; d'Almeida, P. B.Book ChapterOpen Access
2017Principais tipologias de explorações agrícolas na União EuropeiaDos-Santos, M.ArticleOpen Access
2008Recovering capitalization and punctuation marks for automatic speech recognition: case study for Portuguese broadcast newsBatista, F.; Caseiro, D.; Mamede, N.; Trancoso, I.ArticleOpen Access
2006Resources dynamics from the point of view of the regenerated Ornstein-Uhlenbeck modelFigueira, J.; Ferreira, M. A. M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2022Self-reported practices by Portuguese consumers regarding eggs’ safety: An analysis based on critical consumer handling pointsJunqueira, L.; Truninger, M.; Almli, V. L.; Ferreira, V.; Maia, R. L.; Teixeira, P.ArticleOpen Access