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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2019Anonimato, acesso e partilha de informação na doação de gâmetas em Portugal: como se posicionam os profissionais em medicina da reprodução?Silva, S.; Samorinha, C.; Freitas, C.ArticleOpen Access
2018Anonymized donors and recipients’ intersections in the same space: ethical and practical considerationsAbreu, L.; Silva, S.; Freitas, C.; Samorinha, C.; Baía, I.; Silva, S.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2017Consentir na criopreservação de embriões: perceção de casais usuários de medicina da reproduçãoSilva, S.; Samorinha, C.; Alves, B. R.; Freitas, C. D.; Machado, H.ArticleOpen Access
2018Contents about gamete donation on IVF clinics websites: how to assure that the information provided meets people’s needs?Samorinha, C.; Baía, I.; Freitas, C. DE; Silva, S.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2016Couples' willingness to donate embryos for research: a longitudinal studySamorinha, C.; Severo, M.; Machado, H.; Figueiredo, B.; Freitas, C.; Silva, S.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2016O custo da dívida das empresas portuguesas não cotadas, a dimensão do auditor e o novo modelo contabilísticoSilva, S.; Pais, C. A. F.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015Detecting nasal vowels in speech interfaces based on surface electromyographyFreitas, J.; Teixeira, A.; Silva, S.; Oliveira, C.; Dias, M. S.ArticleOpen Access
Jun-2013Development and validation of an Integrated Organizational Safety Climate Questionnaire with multilevel confirmatory factor analysisBrondino, M.; Pasini, M; Silva, S.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2019Doação de gametas: questões sociais e éticas (não) respondidas em PortugalSilva, S. P.; Freitas, C.; Baía, I.; Samorinha, C.; Machado, H.; Silva, S.ArticleOpen Access
2019Dual consent? Donors' and recipients' views about involvement in decision-making on the use of embryos created by gamete donation in researchBaía, I.; De Freitas, C.; Samorinha, C.; Provoost, V.; Silva, S.ArticleOpen Access
2018Ethical and methodological dilemmas in mixed-methods research: an empirically-based perspective about gamete donationSilva, S.; Abreu, L.; Freitas, C. DE; Samorinha, C.; Baía, I.; Silva, S.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019European transnational cooperation in the makingMedeiros, E.; Guus, M.; Rudolf, L.; Isabelle, R.; Silva, S.ArticleOpen Access
2015Giving voices to multimodal applicationsAlmeida, N.; Teixeira, A.; Rosa, A.F.; Braga, D.; Freitas, J.; Dias, J.; Silva, S.; Avelar, J.; Chesi, C.; Saldanha, N.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018Interviewing parental couples together: Interaction between gender and occupation beyond child’s birth weightAmorim, M.; Alves, E.; Freitas, C. DE; Samorinha, C.; Silva, S.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014Is it a (fe)male pain? Portuguese Nurses’ and Laypeople’s´ Gendered Representations of Common PainsBernardes, S. F.; Silva, S.; Carvalho, H.; Pereira, S.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2016Is our knowledge of voice and silence in organizations growing? Building bridges and (re)discovering opportunitiesKnoll, M.; Wegge, J.; Unterrainer, C.; Silva, S.; Jonsson,T.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2018Less is more in incident categorizationSilva, S.; Ribeiro, R.; Pereira, R.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018Machine learning in incident categorization automationSilva, S.; Pereira, R.; Ribeiro, R.Conference ObjectOpen Access
Nov-2013Meanings of quality of care: Perspectives of Portuguese health professionals and patientsSilva, S.; Costa, P.L.; Costa, R.; Tavares, S. M.; Leite, E. S.; Passos, A. M.ArticleEmbargoed Access
1-Jan-2014Model-driven GUI generation and navigation for android BIS appsSilva, S.; Brito e Abreu, F.Conference ObjectOpen Access