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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
1991A emergência de um novo paradigma técnico-económico e os pequenos países: o caso de PortugalSalavisa, I.Working PaperOpen Access
21-Jan-2013Assessing the impact of the Lisbon Strategy on the European Social Model – What changes will the Europe 2020 Strategy bring?Marques, P.; Salavisa, I.; Lagoa, S.Working PaperOpen Access
2011Building a bridge: social networks and technological regimes in biotechnology and softwareSalavisa, I.; Fontes, M.; Sousa, C.; Videira, P.Working PaperOpen Access
2020Business model innovation and transition to a sustainable food system: A case study in the Lisbon metropolitan areaSalavisa, I.; Ferreiro, M. F.Book ChapterOpen Access
13-Mar-2014Business models of young firms operating in renewable energy technologies: innovation strategies and context perceptionSalavisa, I.; Sousa, C.Working PaperOpen Access
2019Combining new and old: Emergent business models in the food system transitionSalavisa, I.; Ferreiro, M. F.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2006A competitividade europeia e a estratégia de LisboaSalavisa, I.ArticleOpen Access
2022Compras públicas sustentáveis em Portugal: estudo exploratório do sistema de aquisiçãoFerreiro, M. de F.; Bizarro, S.; Salavisa, I.Book ChapterOpen Access
2021COVID-19, digital transformation and the expansion of telework in PortugalSalavisa, I.; Rebelo, G.; Simões, E.Conference ObjectOpen Access
1-Jan-2014Dominant business models of young firms in the renewable energy sectorSousa, C.; Salavisa, I.Conference ObjectOpen Access
1-Jan-2014Education quality and economic performance in EuropeValente, A.; Salavisa, I.; Lagoa, S.Conference ObjectOpen Access
25-Feb-2014Energy, competition and innovation: how policies’ coordination may contribute to a new energy modelTeixeira, E.; Salavisa, I.Working PaperOpen Access
Dec-2008Entrepreneurship and social networks in IT sectors: the case of the software industrySalavisa, I.; Videira, P.; Santos, F.Working PaperOpen Access
2018The importance of interdisciplinary approach to urban agriculture and transitions in food systems: Research on Lisbon Metropolitan AreaFerreiro, M. F.; Marat-Mendes, T.; Salavisa, I.; Santos, S.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014Innovation strategies and network configurations in knowledge-intensive servicesSalavisa, I.; Sousa, C.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2015International knowledge networks in sustainable energy technologies: evidence from European projectsSousa, C.; Salavisa, I.Conference ObjectOpen Access
26-Jan-2016International R&D networks in renewable technologies – Evidence from the Portuguese participation in European Framework ProgrammesSousa, C.; Salavisa, I.Working PaperOpen Access
3-Aug-2012Knowledge intensive sectors in moderate innovative countries in Europe: overcoming the missing links, stepping over barriersSalavisa, I.; Vali, C.Working PaperOpen Access
2022O sistema alimentar e a pandemia Covid-19Salavisa, I.; Ferreiro, M. de F.; Bizarro, S.Book ChapterOpen Access
2019Sistema alimentar e sustentabilidade: o papel das políticas públicas e dos atores locaisSalavisa, I.; Ferreiro, M. F.; Bizarro, S.; Soares, M.Book ChapterOpen Access