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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2021Associations between vocal emotion recognition and socio-emotional adjustment in childrenNeves, L.; Martins, M.; Correia, A. I.; Castro, S. L.; Lima, C. F.ArticleOpen Access
2021As bases neurobiológicas da leituraMartins, M.Book ChapterOpen Access
2022As bases neurobiológicas da leituraMartins, M.Book ChapterOpen Access
2013A divulgação do capital intelectual em Portugal na primeira década do século XXIMartins, M.; Morais, A. I.; Isidro, H.ArticleOpen Access
2021Does music training improve emotion recognition abilities? A critical reviewMartins, M.; Pinheiro, A. P.; Lima, C. F.ArticleOpen Access
2021Gray matter correlates of reading fluency deficits: SES matters, IQ does notMartins, M.; Reis, A. M.; Castro, S. L.; Gaser, C.ArticleOpen Access
2023Individual differences in rhythm perception modulate music-related motor learning: A neurobehavioral training study with childrenMartins, M.; Reis, A. M.; Gaser, C.; Castro, S. L.ArticleOpen Access
2019Predictors for changing to a non-nursing professionPoeira, A.; Mamede, R. P.; Martins, M.ArticleOpen Access
2019Resting-state connectivity reveals a role for sensorimotor systems in vocal emotional processing in childrenCorreia, A. I.; Branco, P.; Martins, M.; Reis, A. M.; Martins, N.; Castro, S.; Lima, C. F.ArticleOpen Access
2022Rhythm but not melody processing helps reading via phonological awareness and phonological memorySousa, J.; Martins, M.; Torres, N.; Castro, S. L.; Silva, S.ArticleOpen Access
2013O valor do capital intelectual das empresas portuguesasMartins, M.; Morais, A.; Isidro, H.ArticleOpen Access