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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2021Challenges and opportunities of decarbonization for the economic recovery post-pandemic: The question of directionality in innovation policiesBento, N.; Fontes, M.; Barbosa, J.; Mamede, R. P.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2004Convergência e mudança estrutural no âmbito dos «países da coesão»Godinho, M. M.; Mamede, R. P.ArticleOpen Access
2015Counterfactual impact evaluation of EU funded enterprise support in PortugalMamede, R. P.; Fernandes, T.; Silva, A. A.Working PaperOpen Access
2016A crise existencial do EuroMamede, R. P.Book ChapterOpen Access
2020Explicações alternativas para a crise do Euro e suas implicaçõesMamede, R. P.ArticleOpen Access
2011Os fatores determinantes da rotatividade externa dos enfermeiros: vínculo contratual, incentivos salariais ou reconhecimento profissionalPoeira, A.; Mamede, R. P.ArticleOpen Access
2018Financialization in the European periphery and the sovereign debt crisis: the Portuguese caseBarradas, R.; Lagoa, S.; Leão, E.; Mamede, R. P.ArticleOpen Access
2017Heading South: rethinking the eurozoneCabral, R.; Alves, M.; Mamede, R. P.; Mendonça, S.; Seixas, J.; Soromenho-Marques, V.ReportOpen Access
2019Predictors for changing to a non-nursing professionPoeira, A.; Mamede, R. P.; Martins, M.ArticleOpen Access
2017Reducing policy risks in different industrial policy instruments: the case of PortugalMamede, R. P.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2022Robust relation between public procurement for innovation and economic developmentBento, N.; Sousa, C.; Trindade, P.; Mamede, R. P.; Fontes, M.; Alves, T.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2016Southern Europe in crisis: industrial policy lessons from Italy and PortugalGodinho, M. M.; Mamede, R. P.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2011Structural transformation of Portuguese exports and the role of foreign-owned firms: a descriptive analysis for the period 1995-2005Lebre de Freitas, M.; Mamede, R. P.ArticleOpen Access
2016The long boom and the early bust: the Portuguese economy in the era of financialisationMamede, R. P.; Lagoa, S.; Leão, E.; Barradas, R.Book ChapterOpen Access