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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2017Bollywood in Portugal: watching and dancing practices in the construction of alternative cultural identitiesLourenço, I.ArticleOpen Access
2014Classificação dos sistemas contábeis na era IFRS: uma análise dos países da América LatinaSarquis, R.; Luccas, R.; Lourenço, I.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021Desafios do “turístico” na atualidade: uma introdução surpreendida por uma pandemiaSampaio, S.; Vidal, F.; Lourenço, I.ArticleOpen Access
2018Determinants of complicance with mandatory disclosure: research evidenceFernandes, S.; Lourenço, I.ArticleOpen Access
Oct-2013Determinants of Corporate Sustainability Performance in Emerging Markets: the brazilian caseLourenço, I.; Branco, M.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2016Determinants of earnings management in the hotel industry: an international perspectivePaiva, I.; Lourenço, I.ArticleOpen Access
2014Determinants of engaging in business combinations through partial acquisitionsLopes, A.; Lourenço, I.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2018Determinants of the classification of the share of profit or loss of equity investmentsLourenço, I.; Fernandes, S.; Branco, M. C.; Curto, J. D.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2013Do alternative methods of reporting non-controlling interests really matter?Lopes, A.; Lourenço, I.; Soliman, M.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2018Do IFRS only lead to improved accounting quality for public companies? Empirical evidence from an emerging countryDani, A. C.; Magro, C. B. D.; Martinez, C. L.; Lourenço, I.; Branco, M. C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023Does innovation spur integrated reporting?Pinto, R.; Lourenço, I.; Ferreira, A.ArticleOpen Access
2019Does national ethical judgment matter for earnings management?Viana, D. B. C., Jr.; Lourenço, I.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Does society moral values matter for earnings management? Empirical evidences around the worldJunior, D. V.; Lourenço, I.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2022Earnings management of brazilian firms in the IFRS era: The role of economic and institutional factorsViana, D. B. C., Jr..; Lourenço, I.ArticleOpen Access
2014Economic effects of IFRS adoption in Brazil: An empirical analysis of stock price synchronicitySantana, V.; Sarquis, R.; Lourenço, I.; Salotti, B.; Múrcia, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2016The effect of firm and country characteristics on earnings management: Evidence from the hotel industryPaiva, I.; Lourenço, I.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023The effect of using analogies to integrate system dynamics concepts in accounting educationBaptista, L.; Lourenço, I.; Simões, E.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2012Hindu transnational families: transformation and continuity in Diaspora familiesLourenço, I.; Cachado, R.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2017As histórias alternativas do objeto: o cofre-relicário de São Francisco Xavier e a identidade religiosa dos goeses em PortugalLourenço, I.ArticleOpen Access
2012How does the market value corporate sustainability performance?Lourenço, I.; Branco, M.; Curto, J.; Eugénio, T.ArticleOpen Access