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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2019Are intangibles really a source of future economic benefits? Evidence from the technology sectorLopes, I. T.ArticleOpen Access
2018Can board diversity and choice of auditor enhance profitability?Ferraz, D. P.; Lopes, I. T.; Kopliku, A.ArticleOpen Access
2021The capital structure determinants of the Portuguese banking sector: a regional dynamicsCastro, N. R. V. F; Lopes, I. T.ArticleOpen Access
1-Jan-2019Compromisso com a responsabilidade social em Portugal: Um estudo comparativo entre as áreas metropolitanas de Lisboa e do PortoCarvalho, L.; Nevado Gil, T.; Paiva, I.; Lopes, I. T.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2016Culture and profitability: empirical evidence at a European levelMartins, M. M.; Lopes, I. T.ArticleOpen Access
2017Development expenditures as source of revenue and market valuation: evidence from the Iberian clusterLopes, I. T.ArticleOpen Access
1-Jan-2016Development expenditures towards firm's turnover and firm's market valuation: Evidence from Portugal and SpainLopes, I. T.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2016The drivers of profitability in the top 30 major airlines worldwideLopes, I. T.; Ferraz, D. P.; Rodrigues, A. M. G.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2016Earnings quality and governance quality: a comparative analysis between traditional and new Brazilian capital marketIsidro, H.; Martins, M. M.; Lopes, I. T.ArticleOpen Access
2017EditorialLopes, I. T.; Serrasqueiro, R. M.OtherOpen Access
2018EditorialLopes, I. T.; Fernandes, P. O.OtherOpen Access
2017The influence of culture and transparency on global research and development intensity: an overview across EuropeLopes, I. T.; Serrasqueiro, R. M.ArticleOpen Access
2016The influence of diversity on boards on profitability: an overview across Iberian listed companiesLopes, I. T.; Ferraz, D. P.; Martins, M. M.ArticleOpen Access
2014The information compliance indexes: the illustrative case of income taxesLopes, I. T.ArticleOpen Access
2021Intangibles as innovative drivers for competitive businessesLopes, I. T.; Ferreira, C. F. P.ArticleOpen Access
2015Intangibles as source of effective returns in the Iberian stock exchange marketsLopes, I. T.; Martins, M. M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2016Intellectual capital and profitability: a firm value approach in the European companiesMartins, M. M.; Lopes, I. T.ArticleOpen Access
2015Intellectual capital and profitability: A firm value approach in the European companiesMartins, M. M.; Lopes, I. T.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2017Mecanismos de controlo societário: evidência empírica em cinco países EuropeusPereira, M. S. V.; Lopes, I. T.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2018Relationship between top executive compensation and corporate governance: evidence from large Italian listed companiesNannicini, A.; Ferraz, D. P.; Lopes, I. T.ArticleOpen Access