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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2022An agenda for future Social Sciences and Humanities research on energy efficiency: 100 priority research questionsFoulds, C.; Royston, S.; Berker, T.; Nakopoulou, E.; Bharucha, Z. P.; Robison, R.; Abram, S.; Ančić, B.; Arapostathis, S.; Badescu, G.; Bull, R.; Cohen, J.; Dunlop, T.; Dunphy, N.; Dupont, C.; Fischer, C.; Gram-Hanssen, K.; Grandclément, C.; Heiskanen, E.; Labanca, N.; Jeliazkova, M.; Jörgens, H.; Keller, M.; Kern, F.; Lombardi, P.; Mourik, R.; Ornetzeder, M.; Pearson, P. J. G.; Rohracher, H.; Sahakian, M.; Sari, R.; Standal, K.; Živčič, L.ArticleOpen Access
2020AmbienteJörgens, H.Book ChapterOpen Access
2020Between mandate and motivation: bureaucratic behavior in global climate governanceWell, M.; Saerbeck, B.; Jörgens, H.; Kolleck, N.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2020Brokering climate action: the UNFCCC secretariat between parties and non-party stakeholdersSaerbeck, B.; Well, M.; Jörgens, H.; Goritz, A.; Kolleck, N.ArticleOpen Access
2017Conclusions: patterns of Europeanization and policy change in the renewable energy policy domainJörgens, H.; Öller, E.; Solorio, I.Book ChapterRestricted Access
2020Contested energy transition? Europeanization and authority turns in EU renewable energy policySolorio, I.; Jörgens, H.ArticleOpen Access
2022Cultivated ties and strategic communication: Do international environmental secretariats tailor information to increase their bureaucratic reputation?Mederake, L.; Saerbeck, B.; Goritz, A.; Jörgens, H.; Well, M.; Kolleck, N.ArticleOpen Access
2020Decomposição do salário mínimo: uma análise comparativa internacionalOliveira, E.; Jörgens, H.; Ramos, P.ArticleOpen Access
2017Der Ausstieg der USA aus dem Pariser Klimavertrag und die Grenzen der ökologischen ModernisierungJörgens, H.OtherOpen Access
2021Deutsche Interessen und Prioritäten in der europäischen UmweltpolitikSaerbeck, B.; Jörgens, H.Book ChapterOpen Access
2016Deutsche Interessen und Prioritäten in der europäischen UmweltpolitikJörgens, H.; Saerbeck, B.Book ChapterOpen Access
2019Education for sustainable development and climate change education: the potential of social network analysis based on twitter dataGoritz, A.; Kolleck, N.; Jörgens, H.ArticleOpen Access
2021Energy governance in PortugalGuerreiro, L.; Jörgens, H.; Alves, V.Book ChapterOpen Access
2017German interests and priorities in European environmental policyJörgens, H.; Saerbeck, B.Working PaperOpen Access
2021Interconnected bureaucracies? Comparing online and offline networks during global climate negotiationsGoritz, A.; Jörgens, H.; Kolleck, N.ArticleOpen Access
2022International public administrations on Twitter: A comparison of digital authority in global climate policyGoritz, A.; Schuster, J.; Jörgens, H.; Kolleck, N.ArticleOpen Access
2021Internationale verhandlungen via Twitter? Möglichkeiten und herausforderungen der analyse von Twitter-Daten in den internationalen beziehungenGoritz, A.; Jörgens, H.; Kolleck, N.ArticleOpen Access
2017Levels of governance in policy innovation cycles in community education: the cases of education for sustainable development and climate change educationKolleck, N.; Jörgens, H.; Well, M.ArticleOpen Access
2023A matter of information - The influence of international bureaucracies in global climate governance networksGoritz, A.; Jörgens, H.; Kolleck, N.ArticleOpen Access
2018Miranda Schreurs: Nenhuma revolução acontece sem as pessoasJörgens, H.Book ChapterOpen Access