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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2016Bank business models, regulation, and the role of financial market participants in the global financial crisisClare, A.; Duygun, M.; Gulamhussen, M. A.; Pozzolo, A. F.OtherOpen Access
2007Choice of scale by banks in financial centersGulamhussen, M. A.ArticleOpen Access
2008Collaboration, competition and strategic costing: knowing when to start learningBhimani, A.; Frantz, P.; Gulamhussen, M. A.; Ncube, M.ArticleOpen Access
2020Credit risk, owner liability and bank loan maturities during the global financial crisisDuarte, F. D.; Gama, A. P. M.; Gulamhussen, M. A.ArticleOpen Access
2018Defaults in bank loans to SMEs during the financial crisisDuarte, F. D.; Gama, A. P. M.; Gulamhussen, M. A.ArticleOpen Access
2013The determinants of venture capital across Europe: evidence across countriesFélix, E. G. S.; Pires, C. P.; Gulamhussen, M. A.ArticleOpen Access
2017Do multinational banks create or destroy shareholder value? A cross-country analysisGulamhussen, M. A.; Pinheiro, C. M.; Pozzolo, A. F.ArticleOpen Access
2009The effectiveness of auditor's going concern evaluation as an external governance mechanism: evidence form bank loan defaultsBhimani, A.; Gulamhussen, M. A.; Lopes, S.ArticleOpen Access
2015The effectiveness of regulatory capital requirements prior to the onset of the financial crisisAbreu, J. F.; Gulamhussen, M. A.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2023Efficiency of multinational banks: Impacts of geographic and product lociYildirim, C.; Kasman, A.; Gulamhussen, M. A.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2012FDI in investment bankingGulamhussen, M. A.ArticleOpen Access
2009The influence of foreign equity and board membership on corporate strategy and management of internal costs in Portuguese banksGulamhussen, M. A.; Guerreiro, L.ArticleOpen Access
2014Owner liability and financial reporting information as predictors of firm default in bank loansBhimani, A.; Gulamhussen, M. A.; Lopes, S. R.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2019State interventions to rescue banks during the global financial crisisAbreu, J. F.; Alves, M. G.; Gulamhussen, M. A.ArticleOpen Access
2012The influence of managerial ownership on bank market value, performance, and risk: evidence from banks listed on the stoxx global indexGulamhussen, M. A.; Pinheiro, C.; Sousa, R.ArticleOpen Access
2009A theoretical perspective on the location of banking FDIGulamhussen, M. A.ArticleOpen Access
2016What drives cross-border M&As in commercial banking?Gulamhussen, M. A.; Hennart, J. F.; Pinheiro, C.ArticleOpen Access