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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2011Accurate infrared tracking system for immersive virtual environmentsGaspar, F.; Bastos, R.; Dias, M. S.ArticleEmbargoed Access
Aug-2013Analysis of object description methods in a video object tracking environmentCarvalho, P.; Oliveira, T.; Ciobanu, L.; Gaspar, F.; Teixeira, L. F.; Bastos, R.; Cardoso, J. S.; Dias, J.; Corte-Real, L.ArticleEmbargoed Access
1-Jan-2016ARch4maps: A mobile augmented reality tool to enrich paper mapsGaspar, F.; Gomes, S.; Resende, R.; Eloy, S.; Dias, M. S.; Lopes, M.; Faria, N.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2010Designing a highly immersive interactive environment: the virtual mineSoares, L. P.; Pires, F. L.; Varela, R. N.; Bastos, R.; Carvalho, N.; Gaspar, F.; Dias, M. S.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2013Good appearance and shape descriptors for object category recognitionProença, P.; Gaspar, F.; Dias, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021Infrared tracking system for immersive virtual environmentsGaspar, F.; Dias, M. S.; Bastos, R.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015Multimodal interaction with BIM data in immersive virtual realityAlves, L.; Eloy, S.; Dias, J.; Costa, T.; Gaspar, F.Conference ObjectOpen Access
1-Jan-2016SHREC'16 track: Shape retrieval of low-cost RGB-D capturesPascoal, P. B.; Proença, P.; Gaspar, F.; Dias, M. S.; Ferreira, A.; Tatsuma, A.; Aono, M.; Logoglu, K. B.; Kalkan, S.; Temizel, A.; Li, B.; Johan, H.; Lu, Y.; Seib, V.; Link, N.; Paulus, D.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015SHREC’15 Track: Retrieval of Oobjects captured with kinect one cameraProença, P.; Gaspar, F.; Dias, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020Sistema de realidade aumentada para apoio ao projeto de arquiteturaLopes, M.; Silva, J.; Dias, M. S.; Eloy, S.; Gaspar, F.; Miguel, R.; Mendonça, N.Conference ObjectOpen Access