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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2020Automated security testing of android applications for secure mobile developmentPalma, F.; Ferreira, N.; Serrão, C.; Oliveira, J.; de Almeida, A.; Nunes, L.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2022A BWM approach to determinants of sustainable entrepreneurship in small and medium-sized enterprisesMendes, A.; Ferreira, F.; Kannan, D.; Ferreira, N.; Correia, R.ArticleOpen Access
2013Cointegration and structural breaks in the PIIGS economiesFerreira, N.; Menezes, R.; Bentes, S.ArticleOpen Access
2023Constructing smarter and more sustainable urban ecosystems: A dynamic analysis of challenges and initiativesRodrigues, M.; Ferreira, F.; Ferreira, N.ArticleOpen Access
2023Detecting and developing new business opportunities in society 5.0 contexts: A sociotechnical approachÇipi, A.; Fernandes, A.; Ferreira, F.; Ferreira, N.; Meidute-Kavaliauskiene, I.ArticleOpen Access
2015Efficiency in stock markets with DEA: evidence from PSI20Ferreira, N.; Souza, A. M.ArticleOpen Access
2013Globalization, regime-switching, and EU stock markets: the impact of the sovereign debt crisesFerreira, N.; Menezes, R.; Bentes, S.ArticleOpen Access
2023Improving android application quality through extendable, automated security testingFerreira, N.; Palma, F.; Serrão, C.; Nunes, L.; de Almeida, A.Book ChapterEmbargoed Access
2018Macro-financial linkages between emergent and sustainable economies in a context of the European sovereign debt crisisFerreira, N.ArticleOpen Access
2019Market timing and selectivity: an empirical investigation of European mutual fund performanceOliveira, L.; Salen, T.; Curto, J. D.; Ferreira, N.ArticleOpen Access
2022A multicriteria evaluation system for large real estate investmentsSoares, R.; Ferreira, F.; Teixeira, F.; Ferreira, N.ArticleOpen Access
2024Rethinking urban quality of life: Unveiling causality links using cognitive mapping, neutrosophic logic and DEMATELVaz-Patto, C.; Ferreira, F.; Govindan. K.; Ferreira, N.ArticleOpen Access
2013Structural breaks and cointegration analysis in the EU developed marketsFerreira, N.; Menezes, R.; Oliveira, M. M.ArticleOpen Access
2015Untangling hotel industry’s inefficiency: An SFA approach applied to a renowned Portuguese hotel chainFerreira, N.; Oliveira, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2024Urban expansion effects on real estate ecosystems: Identification and neutrosophic analysis of causal dynamicsCorreia, I.; Ferreira, F.; Zopounidis, C.; Ferreira, N.ArticleOpen Access