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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2018Behavior of project management in a context of project skiddingJ. Pais; Domingues, L.; Calapez, T.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2012Comparing the linear and non-linear principal component analysis over Likert-type items: An empirical study based on balanced bootstrapCalapez, T.; Botelho, M. do C.; Ramos, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
3-Aug-2012Declining autonomy at work in the EU and its effect on civic behaviourLopes, H.; Calapez, T.; Lagoa, S.Working PaperOpen Access
2014Declining autonomy at work in the EU and its effect on civic behaviourLopes, H.; Lagoa, S.; Calapez, T.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2016Describe all or just a few? The influence of verbal descriptors on Likert-type variables on items’ and scales’ distributionCalapez, T.; Ramos, M.; Botelho, M. C.ArticleOpen Access
2017The determinants of work autonomy and employee involvement: A multilevel analysisLopes, H.; Calapez, T.; Lopes, D.ArticleOpen Access
2014Does the macroeconomic context influence subjective well-being in Europe and Portugal? The puzzling case of the 2008 crisisLopes, H.; Calapez, T.; Porto, C.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2012O efeito do formato das respostas no tratamento de itens e escalas tipo LikertBotelho, M. do C.; Calapez, T.; Ramos, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2012The effect of shape: Comparing different presentations of responseBotelho, M. do C.; Calapez, T.; Ramos, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021Job polarisation: Capturing the effects of work organisationLopes, H.; Calapez, T.ArticleOpen Access
2011Principal components analysis with spline optimal transformations for continuous dataLavado, N.; Calapez, T.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2011Quasi-linear PCA: low order spline's approach to non-linear principal componentsLavado, N.; Calapez, T.Conference ObjectOpen Access
Dec-2009Research-based spin-offs targeting the market for technologies: a conceptual modelFontes, M.; Conceição, O.; Calapez, T.Working PaperOpen Access
2009SMEs and internationalization: an empirical study of SMEs in PortugalTrigo, V.; Calapez, T.; Santos, M. C.ArticleOpen Access
2009Statistical power analysis with microsoft excel: normal tests for one or two means as a prelude to using non-central distributions to calculate powerTeixeira, A.; Rosa, A.; Calapez, T.ArticleOpen Access
2018Strategic partnerships in the renewable energy sector in PortugalSalavisa, I.; Sousa, C.; Calapez, T.Conference ObjectOpen Access
3-Feb-2016Strategic partnerships of the renewable energy firms in PortugalSalavisa, I.; Sousa, C.; Calapez, T.Working PaperOpen Access
2012The commercialisation decisions of research-based spin-off: Targeting the market for technologiesConceição, O.; Fontes, M.; Calapez, T.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2013The impact of long term scientific mobility on the creation of persistent knowledge networksFontes, M.; Videira, P.; Calapez, T.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2022Using profanity and negative sentiments: An analysis of ultimate fighting championship fighters’ trash talk on fans’ social media engagement and viewership habitsTereso, D.; Moro, S.; Ramos, P.; Calapez, T.; Costa, J. M.; Ratts, T.ArticleOpen Access