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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2021How transformational leadership influences museums’ performance: a contextual ambidexterity viewNunes, F. G.; Fernandes, A.; Martins, L.; Nascimento, G.ArticleOpen Access
2022The impact of nurses' sense of security on turnover intention during the normalization of COVID-19 epidemic: The mediating role of work engagementTang, Y.; Martins, L.; Wang, S.-b.; He, Q.-X.; Huang, H.-g.ArticleOpen Access
2018The influence of service climate, identity strength, and contextual ambidexterity upon the performance of public organizationsNunes, F. G.; Martins, L.; Mozzicafreddo, J.ArticleOpen Access
2021Introducing the Contextual Ambidexterity Scale for Public Organizations (CASPO): Scale development and initial evidenceNunes, F. G.; Nascimento, G.; Martins, L.ArticleOpen Access
2023Job security among healthcare workers in Guangdong, ChinaHe, Q.; Martins, L.; Wang, S.; Zhan, Q.; Yu, X.; Ba, Z.; Li, W.; Huang, H.ArticleOpen Access
2015Patient reactions to community pharmacies' roles: evidence from the Portuguese marketNunes, F. G.; Anderson, J.; Martins, L.ArticleOpen Access
2014Pharmacies and the European economic crisis: a case studyAguiar, A. H.; Marques, F. B.; Martins, L.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2014Primary health care services: workplace spirituality and organizational performanceAlbuquerque, I. F.; Cunha, R. C.; Martins, L.; Sá, A. B.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2020Promoting the effectiveness of social economy organisations: a proposal based on identity managementNunes, F. G.; Martins, L.; Lopes, A.ArticleOpen Access
2014Os significados da lealdade em Hirschman: o papel da identidade organizacionalNunes, F. G.; Reto, L.; Martins, L.; Tinoco, A.ArticleOpen Access
2023The stent for life initiative in Portugal: A critical realist perspectiveMajor, M.; Martins, L.ArticleOpen Access
2023Stent for life initiative in Portugal: Progress through years covid-19 impactPereira, E.; Calé, R.; Pereira, Â. M.; Pereira, H.; Martins, L.ArticleOpen Access
2016Unveiling investor-induced channels of financial contagion in the 2008 financial crisis using copulasHorta, P.; Lagoa, S.; Martins, L.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2020The use of augmented reality in the marketing mix of physical products: Current practices and future implicationsLangaro, D.; Martins, L.Book ChapterOpen Access