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Title: Business plan: implementantion of a portuguese olive oil brand in Brazil
Authors: Bayar, Sarah
Orientador: Figueiredo, Miguel
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: BAYAR, Sarah - Business plan: implementantion of a portuguese olive oil brand in Brazil [Em linha]. Lisboa: ISCTE-IUL, 2013. Dissertação de mestrado. [Consult. Dia Mês Ano] Disponível em www:<>.
Abstract: Our reference framework helps us to define the 4 fundamental steps of our project. First of all, we are going to focus on our final target by understanding the consumers’ characteristics of the market evolution. Based on the expectations of our customers, we will determine what the aimed olive qualities are: taste, odor-aroma, colour … This aimed olive oil will allow us to build a production plan adapted to this objective. Finally, we are going to implement a strong marketing strategy. The vegetable oils market is growing and demand of olive oil is increasing especially in non-producing countries out of Europe. Brazil is a demanding country and we see a real potential in importing Portuguese olive oil. Historical relationship between these 2 countries is a huge facilitator. We have chosen to sell an olive oil produced in the North Region of Portugal (Tras-os-Montes) which is traditionally a positively recognized production area. The production will deliver an Extra Virgin Olive and will receive a PDO as well as a dedicated Biological Certification. Once the final product obtained, it will be transported by road to Lisbon before being shipped to Espirito Santo in Brazil. From there, dispatching will be organized towards Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. We have chosen to work with distributors because of their significant knowledge of the local market. Our olive oil ‘Saudazeite’ will be eventually sold in (online) gourmet stores, restaurants at an evaluated price of 17 Euros in a 500mL dark glass bottle.
Peer reviewed: Sim
Thesis identifier: 201111195
Designation: Mestrado em Marketing
Appears in Collections:T&D-DM - Dissertações de mestrado

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