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Author(s): Soma, Paulo
Date: 2014
Title: Philosophy in Africa Lusophone: Angolan case
ISBN: 978-989-732-364-5
Keywords: Philosophy
The Lusophone Africa
Philosophical production
Abstract: In Angola philosophy has existed since the independence period until nowadays. In the first stage it appeared in the religious institutions as the preparation for the missionaries and in the second stage, when the independence was proclaimed. The communist ideology adopted by the main Party (MPLA) permitted the philosophy of Marxism-Leninism, dialectic materialism, that deeply influenced the Angolan politics until the proclamation of multi-party system (indeed, from the economical point of view, the capitalism has already been influencing the economy of the state since 80’s) to be involved in the state and party supporters’ education. Despite this observation, the fruits of the Angolan philosophy are scanty, which is why we are prepared to present some justifying reasons by looking at the conditions, in which the philosophers live, social and political contexts. We are appealing also to the philosophers of other areas to join the philosophers of the Lusophone Africa and therefore we suggest an annual forum about this theme.
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