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Author(s): Odoziobodo, Severus Ifeanyi
Nweke, Kenneth
Date: 2014
Title: Strengthening NEPAD as a strategy for sustainable development in Africa: the role of the diasporas
ISBN: 978-989-732-364-5
Abstract: This paper examines one of the ways through which sustainable development can be attained in Africa. It notes that the New Partnership for Africa’s Development, NEPAD, is a holistic plan of action for the achievement of this goal. However, the paper observes that Africans are good at policy formulation but grossly deficient at policy implementation. The New Partnership for Africa’s Development is a well articulated plan of action for the achievement of sustainable development in Africa but the challenge has been in the area of implementation and sustenance of these noble objectives. NEPAD, being a call for a new relationship of partnership between Africa and the international community, especially the highly industrialized countries, to overcome the development chasm that has widened over centuries of unequal relations, needs the support, assistance and commitment of the African diasporas to succeed.
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