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Title: Brazil in Africa: Ambitions and Achievements of an Emerging Regional Power in the Political and Economic Sector
Authors: Seibert, Gerhard
Keywords: Brazil
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: The Nordic Africa Institute
Abstract: Thanks to Brazil’s geographic and demographic size and steady economic growth in recent years, the country has succeeded in consolidating its position as an emerging middle power in the international political system. The strengthening of south-south cooperation in general and the renewal of relations with Africa in particular are integral parts of Brazil’s political ambitions in a new global context. President Lula da Silva’s (2003-2010) many visits to African countries and the significant increase in the number of Brazilian embassies in Africa reflect the importance of the continent as part of Brazil’s new global foreign policies. The considerable growth in trade with African countries over the last decade is another proof of increasing Brazilian interest in Africa. This paper examines the development of relations between Brazil and Africa at political and diplomatic, commercial and development cooperation level in the last decade.
Access type: openAccess
Peer reviewed: Não
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