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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2018Game theory for cooperation in multi-access edge computingMoura, J.; Marinheiro, R. N.; Silva, J. C.Book ChapterEmbargoed Access
2017Wireless mesh sensor networks with mobile devices: a comprehensive reviewMeralto, C.; Moura, J.; Marinheiro, R.Book ChapterEmbargoed Access
2017ProtestLab: a computational laboratory for studying street protestsLemos, C. M.; Coelho, H.; Lopes, R. J.Book ChapterEmbargoed Access
2019Emerging imaging technologies: trends and challengesDomański, M.; Grajek, T.; Conti, C.; Debono, C.; Faria, S. M. M.; Kovács, P.; Lucas, L.; Nunes, P.; Perra, C.; Rodrigues, N.; Sjöström, M.; Soares, L. D.; Stankiewicz, O.Book ChapterOpen Access
2019Light field image compressionConti, C.; Soares, L. D.; Nunes, P.; Perra, C.; Assunção, P. A.; Sjöström, M.; Li, Y.; Olsson, R.; Jennehag, U.Book ChapterOpen Access
2019Impact of packet losses in scalable light field video codingConti, C.; Nunes, P.; Soares, L. D.Book ChapterOpen Access
2018Estimation of the OSNR penalty due to in-band crosstalk on the performance of virtual carrier-assisted metropolitan OFDM systemsPinheiro, B. R.; Rebola, J. L.; Cartaxo, A. V. T.Book ChapterOpen Access
2021The PDD method for solving linear, nonlinear, and fractional PDEs problemsRodriguez-Rozas, A.; Acebron, J.A.; Spigler, R.Book ChapterOpen Access
2021Smart sensing systems for in-home health status and emotional well-being monitoring during COVID-19Izdrui, D.; Hagan, M.; Geman, O.; Postolache, O.; Alexandre, R.Book ChapterOpen Access
2021Análise comparativa das edições portuguesa e brasileira da obra os livros que devoraram o meu pai, Afonso CruzRebelo-Arnold, I.; Barreiro, A.; Kuhn, T.; Garcez, I.; Batista, F.Book ChapterOpen Access