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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2016Creating extended gender labelled datasets of Twitter usersVicente, M.; Batista, F.; Carvalho, J. P.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021SLFS: Semi-supervised light-field foreground-background segmentationHamad, M.; Conti, C.; Almeida, A. M. de.; Nunes, P.; Soares, L. D.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2016A Monte Carlo method for solving the one-dimensional telegraph equations with boundary conditionsAcebron, J. A.; Ribeiro, M. A.ArticleOpen Access
2016Automatic detection of hyperarticulated speechRibeiro, E.; Batista, F.; Trancoso, I.; Ribeiro, R.; Matos, D. M. de.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2016Assessing user expertise in spoken dialog system interactionsRibeiro, E.; Batista, F.; Trancoso, I.; Lopes, J.; Ribeiro, R.; Matos, D. M. de.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020One book, two language varietiesBarreiro, A.; Rebelo-Arnold, Ida; Batista, Fernando; Garcez, Isabel; Kuhn, Tanara ZinganoConference ObjectOpen Access
2021The soccer game, bit by bit: An information-theoretic analysisPereira, L. R.; Lopes, R. J.; Louçã, J.; Araújo, D.; Ramos, J.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2020Microwave breast imaging using a dry setupFelício, J. M.; Bioucas-Dias, J. M.; Costa, J. R.; Fernandes, C. A.ArticleOpen Access
2019Adaptive autotuning mathematical approaches for integrated optimization of automated container terminalZhong, M.; Yang, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Postolache, O.ArticleOpen Access
2019Valuation of compounded deferred tax assets for the banking sector, using the binomial CRR algorithmSilva, J.; Souto, N.; Pereira, J.ArticleOpen Access