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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Oct-2008Evaluation of a double-shell integrated scanning lens antennaCosta, Jorge R.; Silveirinha, Mário G.; Fernandes, Carlos A.ArticleOpen Access
2001Numerical study of passive gain equalization with twin-core fiber coupler amplifiers for WDM systemsCosta, Jorge R.; Ramos, P.; Paiva, C.; Barbosa, A.ArticleRestricted Access
2001Modified split-step Fourier method for the numerical simulation of soliton amplification in erbium-doped fibers with forward-propagating noiseCosta, Jorge R.; Paiva, C.; Barbosa, A.ArticleRestricted Access
May-2008Compact Ka-band lens antennas for LEO satellitesCosta, Jorge R.; Fernandes, Carlos A.; Godi, Gaël; Sauleau, Ronan; Le Coq, Laurent; Legay, HervéArticleOpen Access
2008Improving multi-agent based resource coordination in peer-to-peer networksLopes, A. L.; Botelho, L.ArticleOpen Access
2001Machinery for artificial emotionsBotelho, L.; Coelho, H.ArticleOpen Access
May-2009Compact tapered slot UWB antenna with WLAN band rejectionMedeiros, Carla R.; Costa, Jorge R.; Fernandes, Carlos A.ArticleOpen Access
Oct-2008RFID smart shelf with confined detection volume at UHFMedeiros, Carla R.; Costa, Jorge R.; Fernandes, Carlos A.ArticleOpen Access
2005Phase error resilience to I/Q mismatch of a simplified CPM receiverMonteiro, F. A.; Rodrigues, A. J.ArticleOpen Access
Feb-2008Electromagnetic characterization of textured surfaces formed by metallic pinsSilveirinha, Mário G.; Fernandes, Carlos A.; Costa, Jorge R.ArticleOpen Access