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Author(s): Chavaglia, José
Filipe, José António
Ferreira, Manuel Alberto M.
Coelho, Manuel Pacheco
Date: Sep-2012
Title: Nanotechnology and processes: Nano-photovoltaic panels as an innovation in energy market
Volume: 2
Number: 3
Pages: 197-205
Reference: Chavaglia, J., Filipe, J., Ferreira, M. A. M., & Coelho, M. (2012). Nanotechnology and processes: Nano-photovoltaic panels as an innovation in energy market. International Journal of Latest Trends in Finance & Economic Sciences, 2(3), 197-205.
ISSN: 2047‐0916
Keywords: Nanotecnologia -- Nanotechnology
Photovoltaic nano-panels
Solar energy
Controlo de processos -- Process control
Abstract: Nanotechnology can be a powerful weapon in creating competitive advantages in the energy market, through the use of the photovoltaic nanopanels, which may reduce production costs and simultaneously meet the socio-environmental requirements. It is a way to produce clean energy. Moreover, today the adoption of nanotechnology in energy production can make this kind of energy very interesting along the years, and fractal theory may help to show the effects. Nanotechnology may, in fact, be responsible for unimaginable gains, both economically and to preserve the planet.
Peerreviewed: Sim
Access type: Open Access
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