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Author(s): Ferreira, Manuel Alberto M.
Coelho, Manuel Pacheco
Lopes, Rui Junqueira
Filipe, José António
Date: 2011
Title: Cod and tradition: Cultural effects of cod fisheries in Portugal
Volume: 20
Pages: 27-39
Reference: Ferreira, M. A. M., Coelho, M., Lopes, R., & Filipe, J. (2011). Cod and tradition: Cultural effects of cod fisheries in Portugal. Annuals of Marine Sociology, 20, 27-39.
ISSN: 0860-6552
Abstract: Property rights are in the centre of fisheries management difficulties. In the 90s, Portuguese national fishing fleet lost more than 35% of the tonnage, a third of the fishermen, almost 30% of the production. The segment of distant water fisheries, especially of the cod, is accompanying this crisis. In one decade (1976 to 1986) this segment had to face two new restrictions to the development of fisheries: Extended Fisheries Jurisdiction and the integration in the Common Fisheries Policy. After a profound downsizing process we are still confronted with an overcapacity problem, face to the disposable quotas. Anyway, while the stocks rebuild, Public managers cannot stop defining social and cultural support policies for the affected populations and try to maintain the memory and the important traditions associated. One area mostly affected is Ílhavo. “The Sea for Tradition" is the slogan of the City hall that attests well the strong connection of the municipality to the sea. The guidelines for public management highlight the role of fisheries in the local development (anchored in reasons of geographical and historical nature), and the continuous exaltation of the maritime culture, with its maximum expression in the Maritime Museum and in other cultural manifestations of cod-oriented traditions (as religious festivities). The purpose of our paper is to study the socio-economic and cultural impacts of the institutional change in cod Portuguese fisheries.
Peerreviewed: Sim
Access type: Open Access
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