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Author(s): Marsili, M.
Date: 2023
Title: Inside and beyond the Russo Ukrainian war: the pitfalls for the European Union
Book title/volume: Newsletter Annual of the Academy of Yuste: Reflections on Europe and Ibero-America
Pages: 429 - 445
Collection title and number: 3
Reference: Marsili, M. (2023). Inside and beyond the Russo-Ukrainian War: The Pitfalls of the European Union. In newsletter annual of the academy of Yuste: Reflections on Europe and Ibero-America (Vol.3, pp. 429–445). Fundación Academia Europea e Iberoamericana de Yuste.
ISBN: 978-84-121898-7-2
DOI (Digital Object Identifier): 10.5281/zenodo.8075295
Keywords: Ukraine
Waffen SS
Censura -- Censorship
European Union
Stephan Bandera
White suprematism
Ethnic cleansing
Racismo -- Racism
Anti-semitismo -- Anti-semitism
Fundamental human rights
Freedom of press
Freedom of information
Freedom of thought
Nazismo -- Nazism
Abstract: The Russo-Ukrainian conflict shows the limits and weaknesses of the European Union. More than this, the conflict reveals the inconsistencies between the EU principles and the policies implemented by the Union. Is not only the self-proclaimed role of the “global actor” that the EU imposed itself, that is questioned, but also the role of advocate of fundamental human rights that the Union claims to defend. Finally, the conflict warns of the risks of a hasty EU accession of Ukraine.
Peerreviewed: yes
Access type: Open Access
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