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Author(s): Elvas, L. B.
Tokkozhina, U.
Martins, A.
Ferreira, J.
Editor: Luís de Picado Santos
Jorge Pinho de Sousa
Elisabete Arsenio
Date: 2023
Title: Implementation of disruptive technologies for the last mile delivery efficiency achievement
Volume: 72
Book title/volume: 2022 Conference Proceedings Transport Research Arena, TRA Lisbon 2022
Pages: 32 - 39
Reference: Elvas, L. B., Tokkozhina, U., Martins, A., & Ferreira, J. (2023). Implementation of disruptive technologies for the last mile delivery efficiency achievement. Em L. P. Santos, J. P. Sousa, & E. Arsenio (Eds.). 2022 Conference Proceedings Transport Research Arena, TRA Lisbon 2022 (Vol.72, pp. 32-39). Elsevier.
ISSN: 2352-1457
DOI (Digital Object Identifier): 10.1016/j.trpro.2023.11.319
Keywords: Inteligência artificial -- Artificial intelligence
Internet of Things (IoT)
Big data
Last mile delivery
Otimização -- Optimization
Abstract: he last mile delivery (LMD) is one of the most tangled procedures in logistics. The reason is that it involves various uncertainties, including weather and road conditions, traffic hours and route selection, car accidents, delivery vehicle anomalies, at the same time needing to avoid parcel damages and delivery errors, while communicating with the recipient of the parcel. Above-mentioned factors cause the difficulties of successful parcels delivery to customers' doorsteps. Therefore, businesses need to search for technology solutions that will enable increase of last mile delivery efficiency. All intelligent solutions are built upon big data, as huge volumes of data allow the prediction of future behavior based on historical knowledge. In this study we propose a last-mile solution where the combination of disruptive technologies allow a better distribution without costs increasing.
Peerreviewed: yes
Access type: Open Access
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