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Author(s): Vidal, F.
Dias, N.
Editor: Fernando Vidal
Nélia Dias
Date: 2015
Title: The endangerment sensibility
Book title/volume: Endangerment, biodiversity and culture
Reference: Vidal, F., & Dias, N. (2015). The endangerment sensibility. EM F. Vidal, & N. Dias (Eds.). Endangerment, biodiversity and culture. Routledge.
ISBN: 9781138743564
Keywords: Endangerment
Diversidade cultural -- Cultural diversity
Biodiversidade -- Biodiversity
Abstract: his chapter presents an overview of key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. It directs the reader's attention to the process about the complex cultural phenomenon of endangerment sensibility. The endangerment outlook is proleptic and regretful. The important point here is that diversity is seen as valuable through the lens of its being at risk, and that, in the final analysis, endangerment takes center stage because it affects diversity and has become implicitly incorporated into its very definition. The chapter evaluates the ultimate justification for protecting biocultural diversity appears to be generally pragmatic and anthropocentric. The United States Endangered Species Act lists a species as endangered virtually precludes any cost-benefit analysis and makes the species eligible for funds to support actions aimed at removing it from the list. Saving the environment may require emotional and cognitive empathy across space and time.
Peerreviewed: yes
Access type: Open Access
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