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Author(s): Crespo, M.
Pinto-Martinho, A.
Cardoso, G.
Andrade, W.
Editor: Tina Bettels-Schwabbauer
Nadia Leihs, Gyula Maksa
Dominik Speck
Annamária Torbó
Date: 2022
Title: Journalism for voice-activated assistants and devices
Book title/volume: New skills for journalists: Comparative perspectives from Europe
Pages: 171 - 182
Reference: Crespo, M., Pinto-Martinho, A., Cardoso, G., & Andrade, W. (2022). Journalism for voice-activated assistants and devices. EM Tina Bettels-Schwabbauer, Nadia Leihs, Gyula Maksa, Dominik Speck, Annamária Torbó (Eds.). New skills for journalists: Comparative perspectives from Europe (pp. 171-182). Transylvanian Museum Society.
ISBN: 978-606-739-216-6
Keywords: Europe
Inovação Innovation
Artificial inteligence
Voice assistents
Smart speakers
Abstract: Speech was human’s first great tool for communication. By developing sounds capable of creating meaning for a group, human beings were able to exchange important information, such as threats to the group. Writing has emerged only very recently in human history: about 5,500 years ago . The opposite was true in the history of the Internet: writing came first, then sound. The big leap only arrived in the 21st century, with Apple’s launch of Siri in 2011. From then on, these voice tools gained the definition of voice assistants, as they were able to listen to, respond and perform tasks through voice command. Since then, voice assistants have become popular and easily accessible to the global population. Currently five major voice assistants are available in Western markets. The issue of platform power is likely to become increasingly important for news publishers as Google and Amazon look to provide more aggregated news services via their voice assistants.
Peerreviewed: yes
Access type: Open Access
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