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Title: Cidade Africana - urbanismo [in]formal: uma abordagem integrada e sistémica
Authors: Viana, David
Keywords: Formal Planning
Informal City
Integrated and Systemic Urbanism
Issue Date: 14-Feb-2011
Abstract: The African City forces the reconceptualization of common formal and quite static strategies close to regular and tight planning. Among others considerations that will be explore in the paper, most African cities demand growing net articulation between their formal centre and vast informal polymorphic suburban housing areas. It is necessary to think about planning proposals that aim to consolidate an improved adapted adjustment between regular patterns (attached to macro scale planning) and plural configurations of self organized city, based on micro stratagems developed by indigent citizens on their everyday life (Koolhaas define it as "real time solutions" for "real time problems"). This inclusive and systemic urban paradigm relays on nature and collective/public spaces as major elements to reassemble fragmented African urban spaces: [re]developing wide [re]distribute social services, public equipments and civic infrastructures in the extension of African City – formal urban progress articulated with improvement of informal living human conditions, combining both with overall sustainability.
Peer reviewed: Não
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