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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2022Transversal competences and employability: The impacts of distance learning university according to graduates’ follow-upAbrantes, P.; Silva, A. P.; Backstrom, B.; Neves, C.; Falé, I.; Jacquinet, M.; Ramos, M. R.; Magano, O.; Henriques, S.ArticleOpen Access
2020Communities reclaiming power and social justice in the face of climate changeJesus, M. F.; Barnes, B.; Diniz, R. F.ArticleOpen Access
2015Aiming for inclusion: a case study of motivations for involvement in mental health-care governance by ethnic minority usersDe Freitas, C.ArticleOpen Access
2016Moving beyond disrespect and abuse: addressing the structural dimensions of obstetric violenceSadler, M.; Santos, M. J.; Ruiz-Berdún, D.; Rojas, G. L.; Skoko, E.; Gillen, P.; Clausen, J. A.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2017Saúde e migrações: metodologias participativas como ferramentas de promoção da cidadaniaPadilla, B.ArticleOpen Access
2018The challenges of the expanded availability of genomic information: an agenda setting-paperBorry, P.; Bentzen, H. B.; Budin-Ljøsne, I.; Cornel, M. C.; Howard, H.C.; Feeney, O.; Jackson, L.; Mascalzoni, D.; Mendes, A.; Peterlin, B.; Riso, B.; Shabani, M.; Skirton, H.; Sterckx, S.; Vears, D. F.; Wjst, M.; Felzmann, H.ArticleOpen Access
2017Trends and consequences of the technocratic paradigm of childbirth in Portugal: a population-based analysis of birth conditions and social characteristics of parentsPintassilgo, S.; Carvalho, H.ArticleOpen Access
2015Inclusive public participation in health: policy, practice and theoretical contributions to promote the involvement of marginalised groups in healthcareFreitas, C.; Martin, G.ArticleOpen Access
2015The revised formal social support for autonomy and dependence in pain inventory (FSSADI_PAIN): confirmatory factor analysis and validityMatos, M.; Bernardes, S. F.; Goubert, L.; Carvalho, H.ArticleOpen Access
2015Health information technology implementation - Impacts and policy considerations: a comparison between Israel and PortugalCatan, G.; Espanha, R.; Mendes, R.; Toren, O.; Chinitz, D.ArticleOpen Access