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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2011Relación entre el número de horas de cuidado informal y el estado de salud mental de las personas cuidadorasMasanet, E.; La Parra, D.ArticleOpen Access
2015Inclusive public participation in health: policy, practice and theoretical contributions to promote the involvement of marginalised groups in healthcareFreitas, C.; Martin, G.ArticleOpen Access
2016Moving beyond disrespect and abuse: addressing the structural dimensions of obstetric violenceSadler, M.; Santos, M. J.; Ruiz-Berdún, D.; Rojas, G. L.; Skoko, E.; Gillen, P.; Clausen, J. A.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2020Communities reclaiming power and social justice in the face of climate changeJesus, M. F.; Barnes, B.; Diniz, R. F.ArticleOpen Access
2021Epidermal systems and virtual reality: Emerging disruptive technology for military applicationsMarsili, M.ArticleOpen Access
2016O risco e os consumos de performance na população jovem: entre as conceções e as práticasRaposo, H.ArticleOpen Access
2020Involvement in maternal care by migrants and ethnic minorities: a narrative reviewFreitas, C.; Massag, J.; Amorim, M.; Fraga, S.ReviewOpen Access
2020Towards a global perspective of environmental health: defining the research grounds of an institute of environmental healthVirgolino, A.; Antunes, F.; Santos, O.; Costa, A.; De Matos, M. G.; Bárbara, C.; Bicho, M.; Caneiras, C.; Sabino, R.; Núncio, M. S.; Matos, O.; Santos, R. R.; Costa, J.; Alarcão, V.; Gaspar, T.; Ferreira, J.; Carneiro, A. V.ArticleOpen Access
2020Deconstructing match-fixing: a holistic framework for sport integrity policiesMoriconi, M.ArticleOpen Access
2017Public and patient involvement in needs assessment and social innovation: a people-centred approach to care and research for congenital disorders of glycosylationFreitas, C.; Reis, V.; Silva, S.; Videira, P. A.; Morava, E.; Jaeken, J.ArticleOpen Access