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Title: Skills to boost innovation: in the context of public policies
Authors: Sousa, M.
Keywords: Dynamic skills
Innovation skills
Digital skills
Public policies
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: SGEM World Science
Abstract: Innovation public policy has a vital role in influencing the competitive capacity of companies and is strongly associated with their ability to innovate and the way they are organized. As important as the technological and the organization of work is the social dimension, namely, involvement, participation, and commitment of the workforce, as these are, par excellence, factors that contribute to creating added value and differentiation for companies. In this sense, the concept of innovation depends on an integrated vision between the human dimension and the other multiple dimensions that innovation can assume. Public policies besides the goal of creating a more modern and competitive business and industrial context, also are focused on the development of the workforce, not only in digital skills but also in workplace skills. This type of skills contributes to creating a more innovative context and a culture of innovation. This article goal is to make a global overview of the innovation concept and innovation skills. Also, explicitly, the research aimed to identify the critical skills and disruptive digital skills in the sphere of innovative public policies. To this end, a literature review was conducted, and an online survey explored the main critical skills for the future and the disruptive digital skills contributing to the definition and implementation of public innovation policies.
Peer reviewed: yes
DOI: 10.35603/ssa2019/issue1.09
ISSN: 2664-0104
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