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Title: Two-dimensional placement compaction using an evolutionary approach: a study
Authors: Valente, Rafael Luís Ferreira
Orientador: Almeida, Ana Maria de
Keywords: Two-dimensional rectangular placement
Evolutionary strategy
Genetic algorithm
Estratégias tecnológicas
Análise vetorial
Estudo de casos
Issue Date: 23-Nov-2018
Citation: VALENTE, Rafael Luís Ferreira - Two-dimensional placement compaction using an evolutionary approach: a study [Em linha]. Lisboa: ISCTE-IUL, 2018. Dissertação de mestrado. [Consult. Dia Mês Ano] Disponível em www:<>.
Abstract: The placement problem of two-dimensional objects over planar surfaces optimizing given utility functions is a combinatorial optimization problem. Our main drive is that of surveying genetic algorithms and hybrid metaheuristics in terms of final positioning area compaction of the solution. Furthermore, a new hybrid evolutionary approach, combining a genetic algorithm merged with a non-linear compaction method is introduced and compared with referenced literature heuristics using both randomly generated instances and benchmark problems. A wide variety of experiments is made, and the respective results and discussions are presented. Finally, conclusions are drawn, and future research is defined.
Peer reviewed: yes
Thesis identifier: 202129101
Designation: Mestrado em Engenharia de Telecomunicações e Informática
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