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Title: AWAKE readiness for the study of the seeded self-modulation of a 400 GeV proton bunch
Authors: Muggli, P.
Adli, E.
Apsimon, R.
Asmus, F.
Baartman, R.
Bachmann, A.-M.
Barros Marin, M.
Batsch, F.
Bauche, J.
Berglyd Olsen, V. K.
Bernardini, M.
Turner, M.
Verzilov, V.
Vieira, J.
Vincke, H.
Welsch, C. P.
Williamson, B.
Wing, M.
Xia, G. X.
Zhang, H.
The AWAKE collaboration
Biskup, B.
Blanco Vinuela, E.
Boccardi, A.
Bogey, T.
Bohl, T.
Bracco, C.
Braunmuller, F.
Burger, S.
Burt, G.
Bustamante, S.
Buttenschön, B.
Butterworth, A.
Caldwell, A.
Cascella, M.
Chevallay, E.
Chung, M.
Damerau, H.
Deacon, L.
Dexter, A.
Dirksen, P.
Doebert, S.
Farmer, J.
Fedosseev, V.
Feniet, T.
Fior, G.
Fiorito, R.
Fonseca, R. A.
Friebel, F.
Gander, P.
Gessner, S.
Gorgisyan, I.
Gorn, A. A.
Grulke, O.
Gschwendtner, E.
Guerrero, A.
Hansen, J.
Hessler, C.
Hofle, W.
Holloway, J.
Hüther, M.
Ibison, M.
Islam, M. R.
Jensen, L.
Jolly, S. W.
Kasim, M.
Keeble, F.
Kim, S.-Y.
Krausz, F.
Lasheen, A.
Lefevre, T.
LeGodec, G.
Li, Y.
Liu, S.
Lopes, N. C.
Lotov, K.
Martyanov, M.
Mazzoni, S.
Medina Godoy, D.
Mete, O.
Minakov, V. A.
Mompo, R.
Moody, J. T.
Moreira, M. T.
Mitchell, J.
Mutin, C.
Norreys, P.
Öz, E.
Ozturk, E.
Pauw, W.
Pardons, A.
Pasquino, C.
Pepitone, K.
Petrenko, A.
Pitmann, S.
Plyushchev, G.
Pukhov, A.
Rieger, K.
Ruhl, H.
Schmidt, J.
Shalimova, I. A.
Shaposhnikova, E.
Sherwood, P.
Silva, L.
Sosedkin, A. P.
Speroni, R.
Spitsyn, R. I.
Szczurek, K.
Thomas, J.
Tuev, P. V.
Keywords: Plasma-based accelerator
Particle acceleration
Seeded self-modulation
Plasma wakefields driven by protons
Plasma wakefields seeding
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: IOP Publishing Ltd
Abstract: AWAKE is a proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration experiment. We show that the experimental setup briefly described here is ready for systematic study of the seeded selfmodulation of the 400 GeV proton bunch in the 10 m long rubidium plasma with density adjustable from 1 to 10 × 1014 cm-3. We show that the short laser pulse used for ionization of the rubidium vapor propagates all the way along the column, suggesting full ionization of the vapor. We show that ionization occurs along the proton bunch, at the laser time and that the plasma that follows affects the proton bunch.
Peer reviewed: yes
DOI: 10.1088/1361-6587/aa941c
ISSN: 0741-3335
Accession number: WOS:000428752600008
Appears in Collections:CTI-RI - Artigos em revistas científicas internacionais com arbitragem científica

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