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Author(s): Oliveira, A.
Garcia Ruiz, M.
Date: 2018
Title: DiverCity: diversity in the city
Volume: 4
Event title: 3rd International Conference of Young Urban Researchers, TICYUrb 2018
ISBN: 9789728048303
Keywords: Religions
Urban culture
Urban arts
Night life
Urban diversity
Abstract: In the last decades, there have been several sociocultural revolutions in the urban space that materialize in the existence of several (sub)cultural groups. In their multiple forms of expression, they question traditional identities and confront them with new ways of looking at the community and the self. Considering this,apart of the Third International Conference for Young Urban Researchers (TICYUrb) held in June 2018, the track DIVERCITY was designed to help participants reflect on the diversity that characterizes the cities.This call asked participants to reflect on the plurality of genres; on sport-practices in urban contexts; on beliefs and religiosities; on cultural and artistic expressions; on (“sub”) urban cultures; on individual aesthetics and fashion as a form of presentation of the “self”; on cultural heritage and urban memories; or on the sexualities and love in urban context. We received incredible contributions from diverse perspectives and standpoints from which we organized six thematic sessions: 1) Urban landscapes and cultural identities through the lens of street art; 2) Urban narratives and and their multiple expressions; 3) Belonging to the city:sociabilities and forms of identity construction and expression; 4) Forgotten diversities? Forms of resistance and appropriation of urban space; 5) Religious expressions in the urban space; 6) Practices of Urban Culture: the city as scene. These are the topics a reader will find enclosed in this book.
Peerreviewed: yes
Access type: Open Access
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