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Title: The protection of Human Rights and fundamental freedoms at the origins of the European integration process
Authors: Marsili, M.
Keywords: Human rights
European Court of Human Rights
History of contemporary Europe
European Union
Council of Europe
American Revolution
French Revolution
Thomas Paine
Alexis de Toqueville
John Locke
Thomas Hobbes
Thomas Jefferson
Civil liberties
Nuremberg Trial
Treaty of Rome
European Communities
Fundamental freedoms
European convention on Human Rights
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Aracne
Abstract: This paper aims to trace the origins of the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the European integration process. It is a transcontinental journey that connects the French and the American revolution under the achievements and the principles of the Enlightenment. It is the history of contemporary Europe, from the French Revolution to the tragedy of World War II. In the process of European integration the institutions overlap, and find in the Council of Europe, an institution larger than the European Union, the moment in which these rights are codified. These principles, which are the basis of European values, have been embodied in the European Convention on Human Rights, one of the most advanced instruments on the protection of fundamental human rights.
Peer reviewed: yes
DOI: 10.4399/978882551597810
ISBN: 978-88-255-1597-8
ISSN: 2499-6394
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