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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2018Suddenly last summer: how the tourist tsunami hit LisbonMalet Calvo, D.; Ramos, M. J.articleopenAccess
2018Resistance to change: FGM/C and gendered inequality in SenegalFalcão, R.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2018A complexidade da cooperação para o desenvolvimento, as críticas e as alternativas para a mudançaLarcher Carvalho, A.otheropenAccess
2018Age of choice or diversification? Brazil, Portugal, and capacity-building in the Angolan Armed ForcesSeabra, P.; Abdenur, A. E.articleopenAccess
2018Towards “qualitative growth” - oriented collective action frameworks: articulating Commons and Solidarity EconomyEsteves, A. M.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2018Thinking lab on sustainableg growth – Dialogue on Europe Policy BriefEsteves, A. M.; Fayler, I.; Huguenot-Noel, R.; Kyriakou, V.-V.; Pellerin-Carlin, T.; Schulz, S.; Morais, L.T.; González, P. V.-S.otheropenAccess
2018Justicia socio-espacial y disputa por los espacios centrales en el barrio del Abasto (Buenos Aires)Cuberos-Gallardo, F. J.; Díaz-Parra, I.articleopenAccess
2018From Collected to Collective: strategies for social and political participation through the use of alternative media in Equatorial GuineaSá, A. L.bookPartopenAccess
2018A invenção de uma tradição: as fontes históricas no debate entre afrocentristas e seus críticosBussotti, L.; Nhaueleque, L. A.articleopenAccess
2018Which education model for the Armed Forces and National Security to choose – can Croatia learn from Portugal?Novak, N.; Silva, T. D. H.articleopenAccess