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Title: How do small companies sucessfully enter a new market : case study of Mojatu Limited
Authors: Wanjiku, Jackson Kinyanjui
Orientador: Robalo, Antonio
Keywords: Gestão de empresas
Estratégias de desenvolvimento
PME Pequenas e Médias Empresas
Indústria da comunicação
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Citation: WANJIKU, Jackson Kinyanjui - How do small companies sucessfully enter a new market : case study of Mojatu Limited [Em linha]. Lisboa: ISCTE-IUL, 2016. Dissertação de mestrado. [Consult. Dia Mês Ano] Disponível em www:<>.
Abstract: This document is written in partial fulfilment to address the issue of growth of small businesses especially when venturing in a new market. The new market that a business decides to commence its activities then becomes its new location where important operations that are geared towards serving customers are carried out. This document also contains a business plan that will be used as a guide by Mojatu Limited currently based in Nottingham, U.K, to launch a new subsidiary in Oxford. Oxford is therefore the new target market where the company plans to establish itself as well as establish its activities as part of its growth plans. The organization involved (Mojatu Limited) has been in the magazine industry for the last five years and reckons that it is the right time to pursue growth. Although the business plan has attempted to explore some of the major factors that may be essential when entering a new market, the contents are not final or conclusive. Moreover, the owners and management can add on the contents or make deductions where they find it necessary. Having this in mind, the literature review, findings, business plan, implementation and recommendations have sought to address the issue of growth in respect to the main factors that require attention as well as the main areas of concern that have to be given thought in the magazine marketing and advertisement industry.
Peer reviewed: yes
Thesis identifier: 201702460
Designation: Mestrado em Gestão
Appears in Collections:T&D-DM - Dissertações de mestrado

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