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Title: The link between perceptions of human resources management practices and employee well-being at work
Authors: Gonçalves, S. P.
Neves, J.
Keywords: Human resource management practices
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Research Publisher Inc.
Abstract: The literature review shows that little is known about the relationship between how organizations are managed through human resource management practices and employee well-being at work. What is known is also inconclusive and inconsistent. In order to contribute to this field, this research focuses on the study of the relationship between perceptions of human resource management practices and well-being at work. 856 police officers were questioned through a survey to measure their perceptions of five human resource management practices (training, communication, performance appraisal, health promotion, and opportunity to participate) and well-being at work based on Warr's perspective (1990). The results reveal, on the one hand, a significant positive correlation between HRM practices, comfort, enthusiasm, affective well-being at work, and overall work satisfaction. On the other hand, the results show a significant negative correlation between perceptions of HRM practices, depression, and anxiety. Perceived training and communication practices predict affective well-being, satisfaction at work, and enthusiasm. This study reinforces the assumption that the organizational variables have a potential impact on, and should be included in, the models of well-being and interventions at work. In practice, this study points to a number of aspects that are amenable to intervention to promote well-being at work.
Peer reviewed: yes
ISSN: 2165-4778
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