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Title: Reflections on peacebuilding interventionism: State- and nationbuilding dilemmas in Southern Sudan (2005 to the present)
Authors: Ylönen, A.
Keywords: Interventionism
South Sudan
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Routledge/Taylor and Francis
Abstract: In 2005 Southern Sudan emerged from a long period of protracted civil war. The Comprehensive Peace Agreement marked the beginning of a period of post-war peacebuilding concentrating on statebuilding. However, since 2005, the much-needed gradual process of building a unified nation and inclusive national identity has been largely neglected. Instead, there has been emphasis on achieving ‘peace-through-statebuilding’ that has contributed to a highly exclusive social, economic, and political order dictated by the leadership of the dominant rebel movement turned government, the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A). This essay reflects on peacebuilding interventionism, and state- and nationbuilding in Southern Sudan since 2005. It argues that this overall process dictated by the SPLM/A leadership, focusing on security and state, excluded the majority of Southern Sudanese from the peace dividend and economic and political opportunities. Further, the exclusive top-down SPLM/A-centric view of the nation marginalized part of the population and contributed to the continuing political instability and armed violence orchestrated by the leading individuals and other military men.
Peer reviewed: yes
DOI: 10.1080/14781158.2016.1159548
ISSN: 1478-1158
Accession number: WOS:000373874400004
Appears in Collections:CEI-RI - Artigos em revista científica internacional com arbitragem científica

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