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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2018A rede dos centros locais de aprendizagem da Universidade Aberta ao serviço de desenvolvimento social e territorial em Portugal10071/17301Caeiro, D.; Moreira, J. A.; Henriques, S.bookPartopenAccess
2015Religiosity, spirituality, and mental health in Portugal: a call for a conceptualisation, relationship, and guidelines for integration (a theoretical review)10071/10538Freire, J.; Moleiro, C.articleopenAccess
2017Reparation demands and collective guilt assignment of black South Africans10071/12241Dumont, K.; Waldzus, S.articleopenAccess
2016Reproduction of ‘Typical’ gender roles in temporary organizations. No surprise for whom? The case of cooperative behaviors and their acknowledgement10071/12216Sieben, B.; Braun, T.; Ferreira, A.articleembargoedAccess
2015Resilience processes in migrants: biographical narratives of Brazilians in Portugal10071/10570Roberto, S.; Moleiro, C.articleopenAccess
2016Resultados de um programa piloto de desestigmatização de saúde mental juvenil10071/12833Gonçalves, M.; Moleiro, C.articleopenAccess
2006A revolução no Alentejo: memória e trauma da reforma agrária em Avis10071/11905Almeida, M. A. P. debookopenAccess
2019School achievement and well-being of immigrant children: the role of acculturation orientations and perceived discrimination10071/19108Guerra, R.; Rodrigues, R. B.; Aguiar, C.; Carmona, M.; Alexandre, J.; Costa-Lopes, R.articleembargoedAccess
2018Ser ou não ser praxado? A teoria da ação planeada como modelo para compreender a participação dos caloiros na praxe académica10071/17150Correia, I.; Alves, D.; Jarego, M.; Lopes, K.; Rodrigues, D.; Abrantes, L.; Boloca, A.; Carvalho, B.; Diogo, M.; Grosso, C.; Massa, M. F.; Mateus, R.; Pereira, R. F.; Pina, S.; Pinheiro, G. G.; Pinto, R.; Rilho, A.; Timóteo, M. B.articleopenAccess
2015Sexual orientation and gender identity: review of concepts, controversies and their relation to psychopathology classification systems10071/10534Moleiro, C.; Pinto, N.articleopenAccess
2015'Small but mighty': conditions for prototypicality claims within low-status merger partners10071/13296IGorski, I.; Jarosz, S.; Kavanagh, E.; Kersting, A.-M.; Kounov, P.; Velickovic, K.; Rosa, M.articleopenAccess
2015Social and parental support as moderators of the effects of homophobic bullying on psychological distress in youth10071/10370António, R.; Moleiro, C.articleopenAccess
2016Socio-cultural factors as antecedents of cross-cultural adaptation in expatriates, international students, and migrants: a review10071/12776Bierwiaczonek, K.; Waldzus, S.articleembargoedAccess
2018Socioeconomic classification of the working-age Brazilian population: a joint latent class analysis using social class and asset-based perspectives10071/16548Caetano, A. J.; Dias, J. G.articleopenAccess
2018Socioeconomic status, multiple autonomy support attunement, and early adolescents' social development10071/16739Simões, F.; Calheiros, M. M.; Alarcão, M. M. A.articleopenAccess
2018Sociólogos: associativismo inclusivo versus fechamento corporativo10071/18271Costa, A. F.articleopenAccess
2018Spanish validation of the shorter version of the Workplace Incivility Scale: an employment status invariant measure10071/16675Di Marco, D.; Martínez-Corts, I.; Arenas, A.; Gamero, N.articleopenAccess
2019Stay away or stay together? Social contagion, common identity, and bystanders’ interventions in homophobic bullying episodes10071/16642António, R.; Guerra, R.; Moleiro, C.articleopenAccess
2016Student bystander behavior and cultural issues in cyberbullying: when actions speak louder than words10071/12214Costa Ferreira, P. A. N.; Veiga Simão, A. M.; Ferreira, A.; Souza, S.; Francisco, S.articleembargoedAccess
2018Substance and non-substance addictions10071/17233Henriques, S.; Broughton, N.otheropenAccess