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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2021Sistema alimentar e sustentabilidade: aferição de oportunidades e iniciativas à escala localMarat-Mendes, T.; Henriques, J. M.; Perestrelo, M.; Pinto, T.C.; Costa, P.; Pereira, M.; Borges, J. C.; Lopes, S. S.; Henriques, C. N.Book ChapterOpen Access
3-Nov-2022Sustainable biofloc marine shrimp aquaculture at Madeira ArchipelagoFriedrich, Arthur Barbosa de CastroMaster ThesisEmbargoed Access
2017Talking in defence of species conservation: the role of laws and community norms conflicts across stages of a communicative actionMouro, C.; Castro, P.ArticleOpen Access
22-Dec-2023Teaming up for sustainability: Promoting sustainable management and policies in sports clubs. The Sport Lisboa e Benfica caseCabeça, Matilde de LemosMaster ThesisOpen Access
27-Nov-2023The influence of virtual reality on perceived authenticity, curiosity and willingness to engage on socially responsible initiativesSantos, Patrícia Alexandra CalheirosMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2023The timeless cork design in Portugal; On the cutting edge of sustainabilityDuarte de Almeida, I.; Delgado, M. J.; Montagna, G.; Ramos, L.Book ChapterOpen Access
2022Towards a transformative governance of the AmazonPereira, J. C.; Terrenas, J.ArticleOpen Access
2023Transformações e evoluções morfológicas das zonas verdes do centro de Lisboa no novo milénioRamneantu, K.; Marat-Mendes, T.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021The transition of the agro-food system: lessons from organic farming in the Lisbon Metropolitan AreaSalavisa, I.; Ferreiro, M. F.; Bizarro, S.ArticleOpen Access
2019The transition urban planning history of Lisbon Metropolitan AreaMarat-Mendes, T.; Borges, J. C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
19-Jan-2023Understanding motivations for pet adoption and return with guidance from the theory of planned behaviourLopes, Raquel Silva Soares CabralMaster ThesisOpen Access
2021Unveiling island tourism in Cape Verde through online reviewsOliveira, C.; Rita, P.; Moro, S.ArticleOpen Access
2019Urban agriculture and the social role of urbanism: Planning and ethics for communities and territoriesMarat-Mendes, T.; Borges, J. C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020The use of rural areas in Portugal: historical perspective and the new trendsAlmeida, M. A.ArticleOpen Access
2022Waste separation—who cares? Organizational climate and supervisor support’s role in promoting pro-environmental behaviors in the workplaceCosta, A.; Mouro, C.; Duarte, A. P.ArticleOpen Access
2020Where the fields have no name: urban-rural transitions in the Lisbon Region planning historyMarat-Mendes, T.; Borges, J. C.; Lopes, S.; Pereira, M.ArticleOpen Access
2024Wildfire detection with deep learning—A case study for the CICLOPE projectGonçalves, A. M.; Brandão, T.; Ferreira, J. C.ArticleOpen Access