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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2012Contributo para a história do cooperativismo durante o Estado NovoRibeiro, João Paulo GonçalvesMaster ThesisOpen Access
22-Oct-2020Entrepreneurship performance and influencing factors in the EULuz, Ana Rita CanelasMaster ThesisOpen Access
14-Jan-2022Essays on the relationships between political indicators, and real exchange rate and inflationMoldovan, Paula Cristina CiureanDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
24-Nov-2021Exploring effective realization forms of villagers' autonomy in China and its implications for health governance at the grassroots levelTan XintingDoctoral ThesisRestricted Access
21-Dec-2021Fatores condicionantes da cedência de crédito: O impacto da crise financeira de 2008 e da União Bancária EuropeiaMonteiro, José Eduardo da SilvaMaster ThesisOpen Access
2017Integrity in business: is it optional or necessary for NGOsHowson, AishaMaster ThesisOpen Access
6-Nov-2021Management of rural residential housing construction in China's new village development: an empirical studyHu YongmingDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
19-Jan-2021Music festivals and cultural initiatives as a way of revitalizing inland Portugal: the case study of BONS SONS FestivalAlves, Maria Mafalda de Brito GuerreiroMaster ThesisOpen Access
11-Nov-2020Novos modelos de negócio circulares no setor energéticoTelhado, Mónica DuarteMaster ThesisRestricted Access
7-Apr-2022Projeto de implementação de click-and-collect na loja do Lidl de EntrecamposBatista, Helena MariaMaster ThesisOpen Access
2013O service management e o mercado livre de eletricidade, para grandes consumidores, em PortugalRodrigues, Sónia Alexandra dos SantosMaster ThesisRestricted Access
24-Nov-2021Sustainability in the cruise industry: The case of listed companiesMateus, Ana Lígia VilelaMaster ThesisOpen Access
11-Nov-2019A taxa efetiva de IRC das PMES e grandes empresas: uma análise comparativaSerafim, Ana Teresa de LemosMaster ThesisRestricted Access
15-Dec-2021The impact of the medical treatment combination model on stakeholders and patient flow in a Chinese countyWang XuepingDoctoral ThesisRestricted Access
2010The turning point for China and the answer of the Portuguese textile industryFormiga, BrunoMaster ThesisOpen Access
2013Venture capital: Institutional environmentBarbosa, Mário FerreiraMaster ThesisRestricted Access
12-Dec-2017What are the best policies to reduce public debt?: a comparative analysis of four case studiesDias, Ricardo Manuel de AbreuMaster ThesisOpen Access